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A to Z of comedians biographes and photographs



Aaron Counter (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Aaron Levene
Aaron Morris
Aaron Rice
Aaron Telling
Aaron Twitchen
Aatif Nawaz
Abdullah the Geordie

Abie Philbin Bowman
Abigoliah Schamaun (USA based comic)
Abi Makes Music
Abi Roberts
Ada Campe
Adam and Joe

Adam Blaize
Adam Bloom
Adam Bowman

Adam Broomfield-Strawn
Adam Coumas
Adam Ethan Crow

Adam Hess
Adam Howe

Adam Justice
Adam Kay
Adam Larter
Adam Montgomery
Adam Morrison
Adam Morrison Jones
Adam Rant
Adam Rowe
Adam Rushton
Adam Staunton
Adam Tempest
Adam Vincent (Australian comic now based in UK)
Addy Van De Borgh

Adi Knight
Adrian Doughty
Adrian Poynton
Adrian Wetherick
Adrienne Coles
Afghan Accountant
Ahir Shah
Ahmed Ahmed (USA based comedian)
Aidan Bishop (USA comic now based in Ireland)

Aidan Goatley
Aidan Killian (comic based in Ireland)
Aideen McQueen (Irish comic based in Britain)
Aid Thompsin
Aimee Curran
AJ James
AJ Roberts
Alain English
Alan and Allan
Alan Anderson
Alan Carr
Alan Davies

Alan Donegan
Alan Francis
Alan Glover
Alan Graves

Alan Holloway
Alan Hudson
Alan McElroy (Irish comic based in New Zealand)
Alan Parker, Urban Warrior

Alan Seaman
Alan Sellers
Alan Sharp
Al Barrie

Al Cowie
Al Dawes
Alek Maxwell
Alexander Kirk

Alexander Miles
Alexandra Clarke
Alex Clissold-Jones
Alex Faroe
Alex Fletcher
Alex Hawley (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Alex Holland
Alexis Coward
Alexis Dubus

Alexis Strum
Alexis Wieroniey (USA comic now based in Britain)
Alex Horne

Alex Hoyle
Alex Hylton
Alexis Coward
Alex Kealy
Alex Lasarev (Canadian comic who is now based in Britain)

Alex Maple
Alex Marion
Alex Musson

Alex Partridge
Alex Perry
Alex Smith
Alex Voakes - freelance astronaut
Alex Wilson
Alfie Brown
Alfie Joey

Alfie Moore
Al Francis

Al Gordon
Ali Brice
Alice B
Alice Frick (Austrian comic now base in Britain)
Alice Matthews
Ali Cook

Alistair Greaves
Alistair McGowan
Alistair Tweed
Allan Miller
Allyson June Smith (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Al Murray
Alonzo Bodden (US based comic)
Al Pitcher (New Zealander comic who is now based in Britain)
Alun Cochrane

Alyssa Kyria aka Ariadne the Greek WAG
Amadeus Martin

Amanda Baker
Amanda Fairclough
Amazing Mr Smith
Amir Khoshsokhan
Amphlett and Candy

Amrik Virk
Amy Button
Amy Cromack
Amy Howerska
Amy Wright
Ana Stolicyna (Eastern European comic, now based in Britain)
An Audience With Peter

Andi Osho
Andrea Andrassy (Croatian comic)
Andrea Hubert
Andre King
Andre Vincent
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bird
Andrew Clay (New Zealand based comic)
Andrew Clover

Andrew Doyle
Andrew Evans

Andrew Friseal
Andrew Gilmore (Ireland based comic)
Andrew J Lederer
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Maxwell

Andrew McBurney
Andrew Mondia (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Andrew Murrell

Andrew Norelli (USA based comic)
Andrew O'Neill
Andrew Pipe
Andrew Roper (Australian comic now based in Britain)

Andrew Rutledge
Andrew Ryan (Irish comedian now based in Britain)
Andrew Sloane
Andrew Stanley

Andrew Tubman
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Watts

Andy Askins
Andy Black
Andy Bone

Andy Clark
Andy Colclough
Andy Davies
Andy D Chambers
Andy Field
Andy Francesco
Andy Gleeks(Northern Irish comic now based in Britain)
Andy Holloway
Andy Kind

Andy Leach
Andy Lee Fry
Andy Niner
Andy Pandini
Andy Parsons

Andy Quirk
Andy Robinson

Andy Salamonczyk
Andy Sir

Andy Storey
Andy Smart
Andy Stedman

Andy Watson
Andy White

Andy Woolston
Andy Zaltzman

Andy Zapp
Angelica O’Reilly
Angelo Marcus

Angie Belcher
Angie McEvoy

Angus Dunican
Angus Lindsay
Anil Desai
Anna Crilly

Anna Devitt
Anna Keirle
Anna Mac
Anna Victoria
Annette Fagon

Annie McGrath
Anthony J Brown
Anthony King

Anthony Miller
Anth Peacock
The Antics
Anti-Duhring Battalion
Antoinette Keane (Canadian comic now based in UK)

Antti Hakala (Finland based comic)
Anvil Springstien

Archie Maddocks
Ardal O'Hanlon
Ariane Sherine
Arj Barker (US comic who regularly tours Britain)
Armando Iannucci

Arnie Kidden -The Scaffolder
Arnold Bolt
Arnold Brown

Arnold Gutbucket
Arnold Widdowson
Arthur Smith
Asad Mecci - Master Hypnotist (Canada based comic)

Asher Treleaven (Australian comic now based in Britain)

Ash Frith
Ashley Frieze

Ashley Owen
Ashley Strand (US comic now based in Ireland)
Ashley Turner and his Mental Comedy

Ash McDowell
Ash Preston
Asli Akbay
Athena Kugblenu
Austin Knight
Ava Vidal

Ayesha Hazarika

Bachman and Evans
Barbara Nice

The Bareback Banshee
Barely Connolly!
Barry and Stuart
Barry Castagnola
Barry Dunne (comic based in Ireland)

Barry Ferns
Barry Hilton
Barry Mack (comic based in Ireland)
Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper
Bearded Lady Experience

Bear Ingersoll
Bec Hill
Becky Brunning
Becky Virgo

Bekka Bowling
Bella Humphries
Bell and Spurling

Ben Adams
Ben Barker
Ben Briggs
Ben Darsow (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Ben Davids

Ben Greenwood
Ben Harland
Ben Harrington
Ben Hurley (New Zealand based comic)

Ben Hustwayte
Benjamin Crellin (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)

Benji Brinkley
Benji Rothman (Canada based comic)
Benji Waterstones
Ben Keenan (Northern Irish comic now baed in Britain)
Ben Lawes
Ben Morgan
Bennett Arron
Ben Norris
Benny Boot (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Benny Harris
Ben Schofield

Ben Shannon
Ben Sherlock
Ben Thurston
Ben Traynor
Ben Turner
Ben Van Der Velde
Ben Verth
Ben Winterton
Bernard O'Shea (Ireland based comic)

Bertie Jenner
Bianca Arlette
Big D
Bill Bailey

Bill Bruce
Bill Dewar
Bill Wooland
Billy Bedlam

Billy Breeze
Billy Connearly
Billy Evans
Billy Kirkwood

Billy McGuire
Bisha K Ali
Bishop and Douch
Black Sheep

Blod Jones
Blue Pepper
Bob and Jim
Bobby D
Bobby Freeman
Bobby Mair (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Bobby Nitro
Bob Doolally
Bob Downe

Bob Fletcher
Bob Mills

Bob Slayer
Bob the Nerd
Bob 'Walshy' Walsh
BonBon Le Bum
The Boosh
Boothby Graffoe

Boris Witzenfeld
The Boy with Tape on his Face
Brad Moore
Brad Tassell (USA based comic)
Brad Zimmerman (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Brendan Burke

Brendan Common
Brendan Dempsey

Brendan Noktan (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Brendan Riley
Brendhan Lovegrove (New Zealand comic who regularly tours Britain)
Brendon Burns (Australian comic now based in Britain)

Brennan Reece
Brett Goldstein
Brett Matthews (Australia based comic)

Brett Reylander
Brian Archer (US based comic)

Brian Aylward (Canada based comic)
Brian Damage & Krysstal
Brian Higgins
Brian Gittins

Brian Miller
Brian Reid
Brian Two
Brian Wharton
Briny Knight

Briony Brosnan
Broderick Chow (Canadian comic now based in Britain)

Brodi Snook (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Brother Danny David McFeely
Bruce Griffiths (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Bruce Morton
Bryan Lacey
Bryan Murphy

Bryan O'Gorman (Canada based comic)
Bryan Walsh (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Buddy Hell
Bunstan McFunkstan

Buzz Newman
Byron Bertram (Canada based comic who is seasonally based in the UK)

Caimh McDonnell
Callum Beynon
Cally Beaton
Calum Stewart
Cameron Blair (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Camilla Cleese (British comic now based in USA)
Cara Cummings
Card Ninja
Carey Marx
Carl Anthony

Carl Barron
Carl Brent

Carl Cullinane (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Carl Denham
Carl Donnelly

Carl Hutchinson
Carl Jones
Carl Rice
Carl Richard
Carly Smallman
Caroline Mabey
Caro Sparks

Carrieanne Guthrie (USA comic now based in Britain)
Cat Davies
Cathy Rice
Catie Wilkins

Cecilia Delatori
Cecilia Smart

Cerys Nelmes
Chad Schofield
Chad Wornfoot
Chambers and Nettleton
Channel 53 (US comics now based in Britain)
Charlene Murray
Charlie Baker

Charlie Barnes
Charlie Chuck

Charlie Duncan
Charlie Pickering (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Charlie Ross

Charlie Smith (Irish comic based in both Britain and Ireland)
Charlie Talbot
Charlotte Reather as Henrietta Arden-Bibby
Charmaine Davies
Charmian Hughes
Chelsea Birkby
Chelsea Hart (USA comic now based in Britain)
Cherry Green
Chichi Parish

Chloe Driver
Chris Addison

Chris Arnold
Chris Ashton
Chris Betts
Chris Boyd
Chris Brooker
Chris Brooks
Chris Brown
Chris Cairns

Chris Chopping
Chris Corcoran
Chris Cross
Chris Dangerous
Chris Forbes
Chris Forrest (South Africa based comic)
Chris Gilbert
Chris Hawkins
Chris Henry

Chris Isted
Chris James Hypnotist – Mind Reader and Pickpocket

Chris Jordan
Chris Joyce
Chris Lynam
Chris Mapane (South Africa based comic)

Chris Marco K (Greek Cypriot comic now based in Britain)
Chris Martin
Chris Mayo
Chris McCausland
Chris McGlade

Chris McIlroy
Chris Molineux (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Chris Munro
Chris Neill

Chris Norton Walker
Chris Richmond
Chris Roche
Chris Stokes
Chris Tavner

Chris Taylor
Christian Ancliff
Christian Elderfield
Christian Reilly

Christian Schulte-Loh (German comic now based in Britain)
Christian Steel

Christina Martin
Christina Owen
Christine Edwards
Christine Moon
Chris Tisdall

Chris Too
Christophe Davidson (Canada based comic)
Chris Turner
Chris Washington
Chris Wright

Chubby 'D' Brown Experience
Chuquai Billy (US comic now based in Britain)

Ciarán McConnell
Claire May
Claire Parker
Claire Stroud
Clare Campbell
Clare Summerskill

Clarke and Lee
Clayton Jones
Cliff Kelly
Clifford Bingham
Clitty RubQuick

Clive Cooper
Clyde West
Cocoanut Lady (USA based comic)

Cola Bling
Cole Parker

Col Howarth
Colin and Rob
Colin Cole (Australian comic now based in Britain)

Colin Dymond
Colin Harris
Colin Havey

Colin Jones
Colin Manford
Colin Owens
Colum McDonnell (Ireland based comic)

Connor Hayles
Connor McDonough-Flynn (Ireland based comic)
Conor Drum (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Conor Pope
Cook and Davies
Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)

Cort McCown (USA based comic)
Cortney Gee (USA based comic)
Count Arthur Strong
Craig Campbell
Craig Charles

Craig Cripps
Craig Deeley
Craig Hill

Craig Leggo (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Craig Mischief (South Africa based comic)
Craig Murray

Craig Scott
Craig Thomas
Crispin Flintoff

Croker and Jory
Curtis Threadgold
Curtis Walker
Custard Chucker

Cynthia Levin (USA comic now based in Britain)

Daisy Connolly
Daliso Chaponda (Canadian comic now base in Britain)
Dalton Trumbo's Reluctant Cabaret
Damian Clark (Australian comic now based in Ireland)
Damian Fitzgerald
Damian Kingsley

Damien St John
Damion Larkin

Dana Alexander
Dan Adams
Dan Antopolski
Dan Atkinson

Dan Baete
Dan Bland
Dan Cardwell

Dan Clark
Dane Baptiste
Dan Evans
Dangerous T
Dan Hoy
Daniel Elliot

Daniel FitzHenry
Daniel Kerry
Danielle Ward

Daniel John Smith (New Zealand comic now based in UK)
Daniel Kitson
Daniel Sloss

Daniel Townes (Australia based comic)
Danile Tokoi (Japanese comic now based in Britain)
Dan Mason
Dan McKee
Dan Mitchell

Dan Moss
Dan Nightingale
Danny Bhoy
Danny Buckler

Danny Clives
Danny Cooper
Danny Davis
Danny Deegan
Danny Huntley
Danny Hurst

Danny Jackson
Danny James

Danny McCrossan
Danny McGinlay (Australian comic who regularly tours Britain)

Danny McLoughlin
Danny Posthill
Danny Ward
Danny Worthington

Dan Rubinstein
Dan Schreiber
Dan Smith
Dan Steenson
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas
(British comic now based in Australia)
Dan Willis
Dan Wright

Daphna Baram
Dara O'Briain

Darius Davies
Darrell Martin

Darrell Skipper
Darren James

Darren Maskell
Darren Milton
Darren Phillips

Darren Ruddell
Darren Walsh
Darren Wilder
Darryl Edge
Darshan Sanghrajka
Daryl Perry
Dave Bailey
Dave Bibby
Dave Bishop
Dave Bloustien (Australia based comic)
Dave Caruana

Dave Chapman
Dave Chawner
Dave Eastgate (Australia based comic)
Dave Fulton (USA based comic)

Dave Gibson
Dave G Mason
Dave Gorman

Dave Green
Dave Holland
Dave Johns
Dave Jolly
Dave K
Dave Keeling
Dave Lemkin

Dave Longley
Dave Marshall
Dave McCue

Dave O' Gorman (Irish comic based in Ireland)
Dave Parton

Dave Rivers
Dave Skinner
Dave Spikey
Dave Thompson
Dave Twentyman

Dave Urwin
Dave Ward
Davey Johnson

Davey O
Dave Zonk (Israeli comic now based in Britain)

David Airey
David Arnold
David Baddiel

David Bedlow
David Bussell
David Clutterbuck
David Crowe (USA based comic)

David Elms
David Ephgrave
David Gardner
David Hadingham
David Hopper
David Jesudason
David Jordan
David Kau (South African based comic)

David Kelly
David Knight - Comedy Stage Hypnotist
David Lane
David Longstaff
David Mills (US comic now based in Britain)
David Morgan
David Mosuro
David Mulholland (US comic now based in Britain)
David Pibworth

David Roth
David Schaal
David St John
David Trent

David Tsonos (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
David Whitney
David Young (USA comic now based in Britain)
David Zambuka

Dawn of the Dead
Dean Burnett

Dean Pullen
Dean Roberts
Dean Short
Debra-Jane Appelby
Deian Vincent

Del Strain
Demitris Deech

Den Guinee (Irish comic based in Britain)
Denis Donohue (US based comic)

Dennis Ross (US based comic)
Denny Do Well
The Dentist Chair

Derek Ryan (Irish comic based in Britain)
Dermot Whelan (Ireland based comic)
Des Clarke
Des McLean

Des O Gorman
Des Sharples
Dewi Fflint
Diamond Dave
Diane Morgan

Diane Spencer
Dickie Boy

Dickie Richards
Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus
Dimitri Bakanov
Dinah Rodd
The Discount Comedy Checkout
DJ Booth

Doc Brown
Doctor Pished
Doctor Rob
The Dog-Eared Collective
Doggett and Ephgrave
Doktar Cocacolamcdonalds
Dom Carroll
Dominic Frisby
Dominic Holland
Dominic Woodward
Dom Irrera (US based comic)
Dom Jolly

Dom Lister
Donald Mack
Don Biswas
Don Dube (Canadian comic who is based in Britain)
Doniert Macfarlane
Don Moses

Donna Galloway
Donna McPhail

Donna Scott
Don Tran
Dorian O’Reilly
Dorian Wainwright
Doris La Trine

Dotty Winters
Dougie Dunlop

Doug Segal
Doug Stanhope
Drew Cameron
Drew Barr
Drew Taylor
Dug Shelmerdine

Duncan Hart
Duncan Oakley

Dyball and Kerr
Dylan Bray

Dylan Gott (Canada based comic)
Dylan Moran
Dylan Rhymer (Canada based comic)

Eamonn Fleming
Earl of Mongoose
Earl Okin

Ed Bainbridge
Ed Byrne

Ed Caruthers (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Ed de Cantor
Edd Hedges
Eddie Izzard
Eddie James

Eddie McCarron
Eddie Naessens (comic based in Ireland)
Eddy Brimson

Ed Easton
Eden Rivers
Ed Hill - The Reverend Hyde

Ed Pownall
Ed Surname
Edward Aczal
Ed Wilkinson
80's Luke

Eimear Ballard
Eki Maria
El Baldiniho
Eleanor Tiernan (comic based in Ireland)
Electric Eel
Electric Forecast

Elena Procopiu (Romanian comic now based in Britain)
Elf Lyons
Elie Kraft
Elisabeth Charbonneau
Elise Harris

Elis James
Elizabeth Kuyper (US comic now based in Britain)
Ellen Tomlinson
Elliot Potter
Elliott Tiney
Elliot Wengler
Elroy Welsh
Emma Ruth
Ennio Marchetto

Eric EX Ex GMex
Erich McElroy (US comic now based in Britain)

Eric Lampaert
Eric Patric
Eric Scarboro
Eric Shantz (US comic now based in Ireland)

Erika Benning
Ernesto Leszek (Mexican comic now based in Britain)

Eshaan Akbar
The Establishment
Ever Mainard (USA based comic)
Evie Anderson

Famous Dave
Fatman and the Tenor
Fawzi AC
Fergus Craig

Fern Brady
Fin Taylor
F J Murray (comic based in Ireland)
Flange Krammer
Flash the Magician
Flight of the Conchords

Fliss Russell
Fluffy Brothers
4 Poofs And A Piano
Fourth Wall
Francesca Martinez
Francine Lewis

Fran Jenking
Frank Foucault
Frank Honeybone

Frank Sanazi
Frankie Boyle
Frankie Doodle

Frankie Jakeman
Fran Kissling
Frank Skinner

Frasco Fools

Fraser Geesin
Fraser Gibson (New Zealand comic, now based in Britain)
Freaks Outing

Freda Shittington
Freddie Farrell
Freddie Jarvis
Freddy Quinne
Fred Ferenczi
Fred MacAuley
The French

Friz Frizzle
Frog Stone
Full Frontal

Funbags Comedy Cabaret Troupe

Gabriel Ebulue
Gabriel Rossi (Australian based comic)
Gareth Berliner

Gareth Brand
Gareth Guild
Gareth Gwynn
Gareth Morinan

Gareth Postans
Gareth Richards

Gareth Thomas
Gareth Tunley
Gareth Urwin
Gareth Wilson

Gar Murran (Ireland based comic)
Garrett Millerick
Garrie Grubb
Gary Cary
Gary Colman
Gary Delaney
Gary Hartley
Gary Lee Stanton
Gary Le Strange

Gary Sansome
Gary Skyner
Gary Southam
Gary Tro
Gavin Inskip
Gavin Sorohan (Irish comic based in Britain)
Gavin Webster

Gaz Hughes
Gaz Mackin
Ged Butcher

Gein's Family Giftshop
Gema Enseñat
Gemma Arrowsmith

Gemma Goggin
Gemma Hutton
Gemma Leader
Gemma Whelan
Geoff Aymer
Geoff Boyz

Geoff Norcott
Geoff Parfitt
Geoff Taylor
Geoff Whiting
George Egg
George Firehorse
George Heslop
George Lewis
George Rigden
George Rowe
George Ryegold
Georgie Morrell
Geraint Evans
Gerry Howell
Gerry K
Gerry O (Australian based comic)

Giacinto Palmieri (Italian comic now based in Britain)
Giada Garofalo (Italian comic now based in Britain)
Gina Ryan
Gina Yashere
Ginger and Black
Glen Bo (South African comic now based in Britain)
Glen Foster (Canada based comic)
Glen Maney

Glenn Burford
Glenn Moore
Glenn Wool
Gonzo (German comic now based in Britain)
Gonzo Kane

Gordon Southern
Graeme Collard
Graeme Kenna

Graeme Mathews
Graham Hey
Graham Norton

Graham Parker
Graham Whistler
Graham Wilkes
Gráinne Maguire (Irish comic now based in Britain)

Grant Cunningham
Grant Sharkey
The Great Bonzo and Doris
Great Britain Explained

The Greatest Show on Legs
Greg Burns
Greg Cook
Greg Davies

Greg Houston (Canada based comic)
Greg McHugh
Greg Proops
Guinness Wheatley

Gus Tawse

Guy Manners
Gwilum Argos

Hacksaw & Lobotomy
Hal Cruttenden
Half Human Video Machine
Half Naked Chef
Ham Yard Tourists

Hank Osasuna
Hannah Silvester
Hannah Warman
Haqi Ali
Haran X
Harriet Dyer
Harriet Kemsley
Harry Boorman
Harry Deansway
Harry Denford
Harry Enfield
Harry Hawkins
Harry Hill

Harry Stachini
Harry Steele
Harry Wright
Hartley Pool
Harvey Oliver
Hassan Dervish
Hattie Hayridge

Hatty Preston (British Comic now based in the USA)
Hayley Ellis
Hazel Humphreys
Heather Green
Helen Arney
Helen Austin
Helen De Silva

Helen Huscroft
Helen Kane
Helen Keen
Henning Wehn (German comic now based in UK)

Henrik Elmer (Swedish comic now based in Britain)

Henry Churney
Henry Ginsberg

Henry Howard
Henry Naylor
Henry Paker

Henry Powell
Henry Widdicombe

Herbie Adams
Hilary Fox
Hils Barker

Holly Burn
Holly Walsh
Howard Marks
Howard Otley
Howard Smith
Howard Spencer-Mosley

Hugh Robb (New Zealand based comic)
Hyde Panaser

Iain Stirling
Ian Crawford
Ian D Montfort
Ian Edwards (USA based comic)
Ian Fox

Ian Hall
Ian Harris (USA based comic)
Ian Hawkins
Ian Hunter

Ian Irving
Ian Lane
Ian Llewellyn-Rowe
Ian Macdonald
Ian MacDonald (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Ian MacPherson (Irish comic now based in Britain)

Ian Miller
Ian Moore

Ian Pope
Ian Sainsbury
Ian Salmon (USA based comic)
Ian Stacey

Ian Stone
Ian Todd
Ida Barr
Ida Sputem
Idil Sukan

Idle Playthings
Ignacio Lopez (Spanish comic now based in Britain)
Imogen Palmer
Imran Yusuf
Inder Manocha

Inel Tomlinson
Ingrid Dahle
Ione Brown
Ira Rainey

Isaac Lee
Isabel Fay

Ishi Khan-Jackson
Isma Almas
Isy Suttie
Iszi Lawrence
Ivan Brackenbury
Ivor Dembina


Jack Barry
Jack Brown
Jack Campbell
Jack Cowley (artist formerly known as Jack Russell)
Jack Dee
Jack Docherty
Jack Dooly

Jack Gardner
Jack Hester
Jackie Clune
Jackie Eco

Jack Kirwan
Jack Loom
Jack Russell

Jack Samuel Warner
Jack Shanik
Jackson Voorhaar (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Jack Warren (US based comic)
Jack Whitehall

Jack Yallop
Jacques Barret (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Jacqui Pointon
Jade the Folk Singer (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Jaik Campbell

Jake Baker
Jake Bourke (Ireland based comic)
Jake Lambert
Jake Mills
Jake Pickford
Jake Young
James Abbott
James Acaster

James Alderson
James Bennison
James Billington

James Bone
James Bran
James Branch
James Campbell
James Cann
James Christopher

James Cook
James Costello (South Africa based comic)

James Dawn
James Dowdeswell

James Dunn
James Gill
James Goldsbury (Irish comedian now based in Britain)
James Hately
James Holmes
James Kettle

James Loveridge
James Mabbett
James Mason

James McDonnell
James Micic
James Miller (US based comic)
James Mullinger
James Nokise (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
James Redmond
James Sherwood

James Spencer

James Veitch (USA based comic)
James Waugh
Jamie Bowen (New Zealand based comic)
Jamie Dalgleish
Jamie Gosney
Jamie Jones
Jamie McGowan
Jamie Oliphant
Jamie Sutherland
Jamie W
Jamil Khan
Jane Bostock

Jane Deane
Jane Hill
Jane Mackay
Janet Meredith (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Janey Godley

Janey McLeod
Janice Kamalski (US based comic)
Janice Phayre

Jan Maree (New Zealand based comic)
Jared Shooter
Jarred Christmas (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)

Jason Canning
Jason Freeman
Jason Greer
Jason John Whitehead
Jason Kavan

Jason Manford
Jason Neale
Jason O'Neill (Ireland based comic)

Jason Patterson
Jason Peck
Jason Rouse (Canadian comic now based in Britain)

Jason Simmons
Jason Strickland
Jasper Blakeley as Kockov

Javier Jarquin (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Jay Cowle
Jay Foreman
Jay Hampson
Jay Handley
Jay Kellison
Jay Lamont (US based comic)
Jay Quinn
Jay Ryan

Jay Simon
Jay Sodagar

Jed Salisbury
Jeff Baker
Jeff Downs
Jeff Green

Jeff Innocent
Jeff Lane

Jeff Leach
Jeff Mirza

Jeff Sleeman
Jen Brister

Jen Ellison
Jennie Robin

Jenny Collier
Jenny Eclair
Jerry Sadowitz

Jerry Tortorici
Jeremy Elwood (New Zealand based comic)
Jeremy O'Donnell
Jessica Fostekew

The Jest
Jez Brown (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Jilberto Soto (USA comic now based in Britain)
Jill Brook

Jim Bayes
Jimbo (Australia based comic)
Jimbo (UK based comic)
Jim Campbell
Jim Carroll
Jim Elliott (US comic now based in Ireland)
Jim Fewcett
Jim Grant
Jim Hobbit
Jim Jeffries

Jim Kelly
Jimmy Bird
Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Heeps
Jimmy James Eaton (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Jimmy James Jones
Jimmy O
Jimmy Riddle
Jim Smallman
Jim Tavare
Jinx Yeo(Singapore based comic)
J Mac (Canadian comic now based in UK)
Joanna Neary
Joanne Lau (Canadian-Chinese comic now based in the UK)
Jo Brand
Jo Caulfield
Jocelyn Jee
Jo Coffey

Jo Cooksley
Jo Dakin

Jodie Dick
Jo Duncan
Joe Bains
Joe Bor

Joe Bromehead
Joe Hodgson
Joe Hughes
Joe K
Joel Dickinson

Joel Dommett
Joel Israel
Joel Ross
Joel Sanders
Joe Lycett
Jo Enright
Joe Rogan
Joe Rooney (Ireland based comic)
Joe Ross Williams

Joe Sutherland
Joe Wells
Joey Cannon
Joey Page
John Bishop
John Colleary (Ireland based comic)
John Coolie
John Cooper
John Cooper Clarke
John Donlon
John Dougherty
John Emmerson
John Fealey
John Flint

John Gavin
John Gillick
John Gordillo

John Gray
John Hardy
John Hastings (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
John Hegley
John Lenahan (US comic now based in Britain)
John Mann
John Martin
John Moloney
John Newton
Johnnie Casson

Johnny Candon
Johnny Cochrane
Johnny Jet
Johnny Kats (Australia based comic)

Johnny Maya (USA comic based in USA)
Johnny Melville
Johnny Sorrow
Johnny Vegas
John Oliver
John Otway

John Pendal
John Reynolds
John Robertson (Australia based comic)
John Robins
John Ryan
John Scott
John Simmit
John Smith
John Soffe
Johnston and Johnston
John Vlismas (South African who regularly tours Britain)

John Walker
John Warburton

JoJo GeorGiou (US comic now based in Britain)
JoJo Smith
JoJo Sutherland
Jo Lawrence

Jonathan Collins
Jonathan Hipkiss
Jonathan Mayor

Jonathan Paylor
Jonathan Prince
Jonathan Roberts
Jonathon the Jester

Jon Corr
Jon Courtenay

Jonjo Rowlands
Jon Levene (Australian comic now based in Britain)

Jon Matthews
Jon Murfin
Jon Nicholas

Jonnie Price
Jonny & the Baptists
Jonny Awsum
Jonny Cole
Jonny Emmett
Jonny Freeman
Jonny Williams
Jono Dilley

Jon O'Donnell
Jon Pearson
Jon Reed
Jon Richardson
Jon Torrens

Jon Udry
Jon Wagstaffe
Jon Williams
Jools Constant

Jo Public
Jordan Brookes
Jorik Mol (Dutch comic now based in Britain)
Jo Romero

Jo Selby
Joseph Wilson
Josh Daniels
Josh Deegan
Josh Dillon
Josh Elton
Josh Howie

Josh James
Josh Pugh
Josh Smith
Joshua Ross
Joshua Sadler
Joshua Seigal
Josh Woodman
Josh Widdicombe
Josie Long
Jovanka Steele
Joy Acharjee (British comic now based in Canada)
Joy Carter
Judy Batalion (Canadian comic now based in Britain)

Jules Maxine
Julia Clark
Julia Lee Dean
Julia Morris
Julian Deane
Julian Dutton

Julian Lee
Julia Pittam
Julia Watson
Julia Wilson (Australian comic now based in UK)
Julie Jepson

Julie Jones
Juliet Meyers

Julie Oliver
Juliet Stephens
Juliette Stern
Julie Wheeler (USA comic based in USA)
Junior Simpson
Justin McCarron
Justin Panks

Kae Kurd
The Kagools (Australian double act now based in Britain)
Kahn Johnson
Kai Barron
Kandi Kane Baxter

Kane Brown
Kareem Hassanien (Canada based comic)
Karel Hutter
Karen Bayley
Karen Cockfield
Karen Osenton

Karen Sherrard
Karen Taylor
Karl Spain
Karl Theobald

Karl White
Kate Fox
Kate Lucas
Kate McCabe

Kate McCabe (US comic based in Britain)
Katerina Vrana (Greek comic now based in Britain)
Kate Smurthwaite

Kate Tracey
Katharine Ferns (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Kath Hughes
Kathleen Ruddy

Katie Field
Katie Hearsey
Katie Pritchard
Katie Reddin-Clancy (comic based in Australia)
Katrina Thompson
Katy Bagshaw

Katy Poulter
Katy Schutte

Katy Truelove
Keara Murphy

Keir McAllister
Keith Anderson (comic based in Ireland)
Keith Barron
Keith Collins (US comic who regularly tour Britain)
Keith Dover
Keith Farnan (Ireland based comic)
Keith Fields
Keith Pelt (US comic who regularly tours Britain)
Keith Platt - Professional Yorkshireman

Keith Wilson
Kelly Convey
Kelly Kingham
Kelly Savalas
Kelsey de Almeida
Ken Normal
Kent Valentine (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Kerry Godliman
Kerry Hudson
Kerry Leigh

Kester Bennett
Kev F

Kevin Bridges
Kevin Coleman

Kevin Cruise
Kevin Dewsbury
Kevin Gildea
Kevin Hampson
Kevin Hayes
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin Perkins (South African comic now based in Britain)
Kevin Precious
Kevin Shepherd
Kevin Sherwani
Kevin Stayner
Kev Orkian
Kev Rook
Kev Scollick

Khalid Mukerji
Kieran Butler

Kieran Lawless (comic based in Ireland)
Kieran Poole
Killian Monson (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Kim Hope (Australia based comic)
Kingsley Pilgrim

Kiosk of Champions
Kiri Pritchard - McLean
Kirk and Messingham

Kirk Knight
Kirsty Moss
Kit and the Widow
Kitsch Kittens
Kitty Flanagan (Australia based comic)

Kitten Killers
Kiwi Asif
KP Gilles

Kris Davies
Kris Kenny as Roy Chubby Brown tribute

Kriss Sprules
Kristof Micholt (Belgium comic now based in Britain)
Kurt Driver

Kwame Asante
Kyle Grooms (USA based comic)

Lady Garden
LaQuisha Jonz
Lara Silverstone

Larry Dean
Lateef Lovejoy

Laura Carr
Laura Levites (USA based comic)
Laura Lexx
Laura Sandiford
Laura Woolley
Lauren Karl (USA comic now based in Britain)
Laurence & Gus
Laurence Clark
Laurence Howarth

Laurence Tuck
Lawrence Boal (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Lea Emery
Leah Shand
Leanne Diggins
Leanne Stott
Lea Roberts
Lee Brace
Lee Canterbury

Lee Carroll
Lee Evans
Lee Grant
Lee Hume

Lee Hurst
Lee Kyle
Lee Mack
Lee Nelson

Lee Peart
Lee Thompson
Lehmo (Australian comic who regularly tours Britain)
Leif Skyving (USA based comic)

Leigh Jones
Lena Margareta (Swedish comic now based in Britain)
Lenny Beige
Lenny Henry
Lenny Jackson
Lenny Peters

Leo Kearse
Leon Brown

Leroy Brito
Les Bubb
Leslie Gibson
Lester Crabtree

Lev Stern
Lewis 'Big Lou' Jones
Lewis Bryan
Lewis Calvert
Lewis Charlesworth
Lewis Costello
Lewis Mark Clare
Lewis Schaffer (USA comic now based in Britain)
Lex Genn
Liam Dobson

Liam Guilfoyle
Liam Mullone

Liam O'Brien
Liam Reeve
Liam Smedley
Liam Smith
Liam Speirs

Liam Tulley
Liam Woodman
Liane Ross

Lillie C
Lindsay Sharman
Lindsey & Catherine
Lindsay Webb (Australian based comic)

Lioz (USA based comic)
Lisa Deville
Liz Bentley

Liz Miele (USA based comic)
Liz Stephens
Lizzie Filsell
Lizzie Roper

LJ Da Funk
Lloyd Griffith
Lloyd Langford
Lloyd Stephens
Logan Murray
Logan Twins
Loose Brie
Lorcan McGrane (Irish comedian now based in UK)
Lord Carrett (US based comic)

The Lord James (Australian based comic)
Loren O'Brien
Lorna Meehan
Lorraine Bowen Experience
Lou Chawner
Lou Conran
Lou Cox

Louis Burgess
Louise Ashley
Louise Stevenson
Louise Stokes as Kimmy Sue Anne
Lou Saffire

Lovdev Barpaga
Loz Vieux (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Luca Cupani (Italian comic now based in Britain)
Lucas Jolson
Lucia Rovardi
Lucille Cailly (French comic now based in Britain)
Lucy Beaumont
Lucy Thompson
Lucy Wardrobe
Lucy Watson (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Luisa Omielan
Luke Benson

Luke Francis
Luke Graves
Luke Honnoraty
Luke Kondor
Luke Montague
Luke O’Neill – Geek in the Pink
Luke Toulson
Luke Whitby (Australian based comic)
Luke Wright

Lydia Rickards
Lynsey Bonell

Mabbs and Justice
Mab Jones
Mackenzie Crook
Mac Star
Madame Galina
Madge Hooks
Maff Brown
Maggie Gordon-Walker

Maggy Whitehouse
Magnus Betner (Sweden based comic)
Maisie Adam
Malcolm Head
Malcolm Vella King
Mandy Dassa
Mandy Knight
Mandy Muden
Manjinder Virk
Manolis Zontanos (Canadian based comic)
Manos the Greek

Manuel Wolff (Germany based comic)
Marc Burrows
Marc Cox
Marcel Lucont

Marc Lucero
Marc Salem (US comic who regularly tours Britain)
Marcus Brigstocke

Marcus Keeley (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Marcus Powell
Marcus Ryan (Australian comic now based in Britain)

Marcus Shufflebottom
Marc Wootton
Marek Larwood
Marian Pashley

Maria Shehata
Marie Connolly (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Marilyn Muruako
Mark Allen
Mark Billingham

Mark Bittlestone
Mark Cram
Mark Dandy

Mark Davison
Mark Dennett
Mark Diamond
Mark Docker
Mark Feigenbutz (USA comic now based in Britain)
Mark Felgate

Mark Hayden
Mark Lamarr
Mark Leeson
Mark Little (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Mark Maier

Mark Niel
Mark Restuccia

Mark Rough
Mark Olver

Mark Palmer (South African comic now based in Britain)
Mark Pengilly (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Mark Silcox
Mark Simmons
Mark Smith
Mark Steel

Mark Stephenson
Mark Thomas

Mark Thompson
Mark Trenwith (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Markus Birdman
Mark Waddington - Magician
Mark Walker
Mark Watson
Marlon Davis
Marr Bum
Martha McBrier
Martin Beaumont

Martin Brown
Martin Cabble
Martin Caulfield
Martin Coyote
Martin Croser
Martin Davis

Martin Durchov (Bulgarian comedian based in UK)
Martin Evans (South African comic now based in Britain)
Martin Gold
Martin Hill

Martin Huxter
Martin Mor (Irish comedian now based in Britain)
Martin Pilgrim
Martin Semple
Martin Soan

Martin Westgate
Martin Wyatt
Marty Mclean (US comic now based in the UK)
Marty Wilson (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Mary Bourke (Irish comic now based in Britain)

Mary Ellis
Mat and Faron
Mat and MacKinnon

Mat Costin
Mat Ewins
Mathew Heard
Matt Adlington
Matt Banks
Matt Barnard as Man of Tweed
Matt Billon (Canada based comic)
Matt Blaize

Matt Boland
Matt Burton (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Matt Cross
Matt Davis (USA comic based in USA)
Matt Day
Matt Debono
Matt Devlin (US comic now based in Britain)
Matt Duwell
Matt Dwyer
Matt Dyktynski (Australian comic now based in Britain)

Matt Fong
Matt Forde

Matt Fox Klein (Australian based comic)
Matt Green

Matthew Baylis
Matthew Crosby

Matthew Giffen
Matthew Hardy ((Australian comic who regularly tours Britain)

Matthew Highton
Matthew Holness

Matt Hobs
Matt Hollins
Matt Holt

Matt Hutson
Matt King
Matt Kirshen

Matt Lim
Matt Lucas

Matt Parker
Matt Price

Matt Rees
Matt Richardson
Matt Roper
Matt Rudge

Matt Savage
Matt Seber

Matt Smith
Matt Stellingwerf (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Matt Tinker

Matt Thomas
Matt Turner
Matt Welcome

Matt Whistler
Maureen Younger

Max Davis
Max Dickins
Maxie Wade
Maxine Jones (Ireland based comic)
McNeil and Pamphilon
Mel and Sue
Melanie Baxter-Jones (French comic who regularly tours Britain)

Melanie Gayle
Mel Barnes (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)

Mel Crosby
Mel Higgins
Mel Miller (South African who regularly tours Britain)
Mel Moon
Men In Coats
Meryl O'Rourke
Mette Lisby (Danish comic now based in Britain)

Michael Connell (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Michael Downey (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Michael Fabbri
Michael Holford
Michael J Dolan
Michael Kossew
Michael Legge

Michael Marsland
Michael Mee (Irish comic now based in Britain)

Michael Mooney
Michael Porter (Northern Ireland based comic)
Michael Redmond

Michael Smiley
Michael Stranney (Northern Ireland comic now based in Britain)
Michael Tombs
Michal Grobelny (Australian comedian now based in Britain)

Michelle de Swarte
Mick Chaney
Mickey Anderson
Mickey D

Mickey Sharma
Mickey Take
Mick Ferry
Mick McGrath
Mick Sergeant
Micky Flanagan
Mike Bathke (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Mike Belgrave
Mike Bubbins

Mike Capozzola (USA comic now based in Britain)
Mike Carter
Mike Cox
Mike Dowling

Mike Dryburgh
Mike Dugan (comic based in the USA)

Mike Garnell
Mike Gunn
Mike Hancock
Mike Jerome

Mike Larkin
Mike Lord
Mike Manera
Mike Milligan
Mike Newall

Mike Reed
Mike Sheer (Canadian comic now based in Britain)

Mike Shephard
Mike Stenhouse

Mike Stephenson
Mike Tombs
Mike Wilkinson
Mike Wilmot (Canadian comic now based in Britain)

Mikey Avelli
Miles Crawford
Miles Jupp
Millie and Tillie
Milton Jones

Mina Znaida (Morroco comedian now based in Britain)
Miranda Dawe
Miss Behave
Miss London
Mister Stillers
Mitch Benn

Mo Gilligan
Morgan Jones
Morten Sorensen (Danish comic now based in Britain)

Mr Andy
Mr Cee

Mr Kenyon
Mr Methane

Mr Secret
Mr Ying
Mr Zed (USA based comic)

Murray Porter
Myra DuBois

Myron Pinto

Nabil Abdulrashid
Nalika de Silva
Nancy Clench
Naomi Hefter
Naomi Moan (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Narin Oz
Natalie Allison
Natalie Gray
Natalie Haynes
Natasha Donovan
Nat Coombs

Nate Warner
Nathalie Kerrio (French comic now based in Britain)
Nathan Cassidy
Nathan Caton
Nathan Herat
Nathan Hudson
Nathan Khan
Nathan Lang
Nathan Webb
Nathan Willcock
Nathan Zorchak (US comic now based in Britain)
Nat Luurtsema
Naz Osmanoglu
Neil Ackroyd
Neil Anthony

Neil Cole
Neil Dixon
Neil Dougan

Neil Gardiner
Neil Hickey (Ireland based comic)
Neil McFarlane

Neil Price
Neil Reading

Neil Sinclair (Australia based comic)
Nelson de Gouveia
Nessie Flange
Niall Gildea

Nicci Mack
Nice Mum

Nick Banks
Nick Beaton (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Nick Burrow
Nick Dixon
Nick Doody

Nick Elleray
Nick Fletcher

Nick Gamble
Nick Gibb (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Nick Grimwood (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Nick Helm
Nick Hodder
Nicko and Joe
Nick Page
Nick Rado (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Nick Revell

Nick Root
Nick Sefton
Nick Stanley
Nick Street
Nick Wilty

Nicky Wilkinson
Nicola James
Nicola Redman (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Nico Yearwood (comic from Barbados, now based in Britain)
Nigel 'Boy' Syer

Nightmare Party
Nik Coppin
Nimi Kesh
Nina Conti
Ninia Benjamin

Njambi McGrath (Kenya comic now based in Britain)
Nobby Kobayashi (Japanese comic now based in Britain)
Noble and Silver
Noel Britten
Noel James

The Noise Next Door
Noor Kidwai(Canada based comic)
Norby West - Grandad from Hell

Norman Collier
Norman Lovett

Oh Standfast

Olaf John alias OJ
Ola the Comedian

Ole (comic based in USA)
Oli Bettesworth
Oliver Double

Oliver Sillito
Omar Hamdi
Omar 'The White Sudani' Ramzi (Saudi Arabian comic now based in Britain)
Omid Djalili
The One Like Fish
Oram and Meeten

Oscar Moya (Spanish comic now based in Britain)
O’Shea & O’Gaukroger
Otis Lee Crenshaw
Otiz Cannelloni
Our Trace

Owen Nye
Owen O'Neill
Owen Rankin

Paco Erhard (German comic now based in Britain)
Paddy Bramwells
Paddy Courtney
Paddy Lennox (Irish comic now based in Britain)

Padraig Hyland (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Paisley Wheelchair Experience

Palan Ns
Pam Ann
Pam Ford (Australian comic, now based in Britain)
Papa CJ
Pat Burtscher

Pat Cahill
Pat Cancer
Pat Gallagher

Pat Kelman
Patrice O'Neal (USA based comic)
Patrick Forde

Patrick Harries-Hanson
Patrick Kavanagh (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Patrick Kielty

Patrick Lappin
Patrick Lee
Patrick Monahan

Patrick (Patser) Murray (comic based in Ireland)
Patrick Rolink
Paul Adams

Paul Ashwell
Paul B Edwards
Paul Butcher
Paul Chowdry

Paul Cook
Paul Crooke
Paul Currie
Paul Dennis
Paul Duncan McGarrity
Paul Dunn
Paul Foot
Paul F Taylor

Paul Gannon
Paul Garvey
Paul Harry Allen

Paul Hazell
Paul Hickman

Pauline Eyre
Paul James
Paul Jennings
Paul Jones
Paul Kerensa

Paul Laight
Paul L Martin
Paul Maguire
Paul Martin
Paul McCaffrey
Paul McDougall
Paul McMullan
Paul Murrell
Paul Mutagejja
Paul Myrehaug (Canada based comic)
Paul Osborne
Paul Parry
Paul Penns
Paul Pirie

Paul Redwood
Paul Richards
Paul Ricketts

Paul Ridgeway
Paul Risebury-Crisp
Paul Rogan
Paul Rose

Paul Savage
Paul Schmitz

Paul Schofield
Paul Sinha
Paul Smith (Nigeria based comic)
Paul Sneddon

Paul Sweeney
Paul T Eyres
Paul Tonkinson

Paul Traynor
Paul Tylak
Paul Watson
Paul Woodfull
Paul Zenon
Pav Rao
Pearl Kelly-Ince
Pearse James (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Penella Mellor
Penny Ashton aka Hot Pink (New Zealand based comic)

Penny Matthews
Persephone Lewin

Pete Dobbing
Pete Firman
Pete Gold
Pete Jonas (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Pete Kermally
Pete Marsh

Pete Otway
Pete Phillipson
Peter Antoniou
Peter Aterman (US based comic)
Peter Bazely
Peter Brush
Peter Buckley Hill

Peter Callaghan
Peter Clarke
Peter Edwards
Peter Ford
Peter Halpin
Peter Kay
Peter Kemp
Peter McCole

Peter O'Byrne (Ireland based comedian)
Peter White (Canada based comedian)
Pete Selwood
Pete Smith

Pete Starr
Pete Strong
Pete Teckman
Phil Boothman
Phil Buckley
Phil Butler

Phil Carr
Phil Carter
Phil Chapman
Phil Cooper
Phil Cornwell
Phil Davey (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Phil Dinsdale
Phil Doleman
Phil Eggins

Phil Ellis
Phileo Shacor (USA based comic)
Phil Hammond

Philippa Fordham
Philip Simon
Phil James
Phil Jerrod
Phil Kay
Phil Klein

Phil Knoxville
Phil Lindsey
Phillip Wragg
Phil Lucas
Phil Nichol
Phil O’Shea
Phil Pagett
Phil Reid
Phil Sands
Phil Walker
Phil Zimmerman

Piero Grandinetti
Pierre Hollins

Pierre Novellie
Pippa Evans
PJ Gallagher

Plastic Seat Company
Polly Brown (USA comic now based in Britain)
Polly Morris
The Polly Morris Band
Pommy Johnson (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Popcorn Club

President Obonjo (Nigerian comic now based in Britain)
Prince Abdi (Somalian comic now based in the Britain)
Priorite a Gauche (French comics)
Pros From Dover
Psycho Dave
Puppetry of the P*nis

Queen of Burlesque
Quentin Reynolds

Rachel Creeger
Rachel Jackson
Rachel Parris
Rachel Sambrooks
Rachel Tookey
Rachel Wheeley
Radu Isac (Romanian comic now based in Britain)
Rainer Hersch
Randy Wilson (US comic now based in Britain)

Raph Shirley
Raul Kohli
Raving Loonies Stole My Heart

Ray Addison
Raybon Kan (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Ray Crawford (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Ray Kane

Raymond and Mr. Timpkins
Raymond Reilly (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Ray Peacock
Raymond Mearns
R David
Rebecca Carrington
Rebecca Shortall
Rebecca Smith

Rebekka Turner
Red Redmond
The Re-entrants
Reeves and Mortimer
Reeves Peterson

Regan MacNeil
Reginald D Hunter
Rene Hicks (US comic who regularly tours Britain)
Reiki Ron
The Reverend Ravi Holy
Rex Boyd
Reverend O'Badiah Steppenwolf III

Rhod Gilbert
Rhodri Crooks
Rhodri Rhys
Rhona Cameron

Rhonda Schelling – Downie (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Rhys Alexander
Rhys Darby (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)

Rhys Jones
Rhys Mathewson (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Ria Lina

Richard Allen
Richard Amero
Richard Ayoade
Richard Bateman
Richard Brophy (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Richard Coughlan
Richard Dellow

Richard Filby (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Richard Fox
Richard Haddock
Richard Herring
Richard James
Richard Jay
Richard Kelly

Richard Lindesay (New Zealand comic now based in the UK)
Richard Massara
Richard Morton
Richard Pulsford

Richard Rycroft
Richard Sandling
Richard Swan
Richard Thomson
Richard Tyrone Jones

Richard Woolford
Richard Wright
Rich Davenport

Rich Fox
Rich Hall (US comic now based in Britain)

Richie Morris
Rich Stokes
Rich Wall
Rich Wilson

Rick Hulse
Rick Kiesewetter

Rick Molland
Rick Murtagh
Rick Right (US comic who regularly tours Britain)

Rick Wood
Ricky Grover

Ricky Powell
Ric Wharton
Rik Carranza
Rinkoo Barpaga
Roanna Bond
Rob Alderson
Rob and Skatz

Rob Beckett
Robbie Bonham (Ireland based comic)
Robbie Pointer
Rob Coleman
Rob Collins
Rob Deb
Rob Deering
Robert Allwood
Robert Broderick (Irish comic now based in Britain)

Robert Commiskey (USA comic now based in Britain)
Robert Eldridge
Robert James Alexander
Robert Jones
Robert Llewellyn
Robert Temple
Robert White
Robert Wringham

Rob Gilroy
Rob Heeney
Rob Hitchmough

Rob Hughes
Robin Boot
Robin Cousins

Robin Hood Shaw
Robin Ince

Robin Morgan
Rob Jones
Rob Lane
Rob Mitchell
Rob Newman

Rob Oldham
Rob Riley
Rob Rouse
Rob Tarbuck

Rob Thomas
Robyn Perkins
Ro Campbell (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Ro Dalziel (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Roddy Fraser
Rod Laver
Rodney Marques
Roger D
Roger Monkhouse

Roger Swift
Rohan Agalawatta
Roisin Conaty
Roland Gent

Roland Saunders
Romesh Ranganathan
Ronak Mashru

Ron G (USA based comic)
Ronnie Edwards
Ronnie Golden
Ron Vaudry (USA based comic)
Ron Sparks (Canada based comic)
Rory Z - Hypnotist

Rory O'Hanlon (Ireland based comic)
Rose France
Rosie Rebel (USA based comic)
Rosie Tran (USA-Vietnam based comic)
Rosie Wilby
Ross Ashcroft

Ross Egan
Ross McGrane
Ross Noble

Ross Smith
Rousha Browning
Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Crabtree
Rowan Doherty
Rowan Finch
Rowland Rivron
Roy Charles
Rubber Ritchie
Rudi Lickwood
Rudi Nizinkiewicz
Rufus Hound
Ruggid McFuggid
Rupert Knutt

Russell Arathoon
Russell Bland
Russell Brand

Russell Hicks (USA based comic)
Russell Howard
Russell Peters (Canada based comic)

Russell Sax
Russ Haynes
Russ Meneve (USA based comic)

Russ Mulligan
Russ Peers
Russ Powell
Ruth Bratt
Ruth E Cockburn
Ruth Hine

Ruth Levy-So
Ruth Pickett
Ruth White

Ryan Cull (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Gleeson
Ryan Gough

Ryan McDonnell

Saban Kazim
Sabrina George
Sacha Distilled
Sachin Kumarendran
Sadia Azmat

Sahar Mirhadi
Sajeela Kershi
Sally-Anne Hayward
Sally Holloway
Sally Phillips

Salman Malik
Sal Monello (Italian comic now based in Britain)
Sal Stevens

Sam Adamson
Sam Akore (Nigerian comic now based in Britain)
Sam & Cy

Samantha Baines
Samantha Hannah
Samantha Pressdee
Sam Avery

Sam Brady
Sam Carrington
Sam Cottle
Sam Datta-Paulin

Sam Deards
Sameena Zehra
Sam Furniss
Sam Gore
Sam Harland

Samia Rida
Sam Inkson
Sami Stone
Sam Mo
Sam Moult
Sam Nicoresti
Sam Randall
Sam Scott
Sam Stay
Samuel Serrano
Sam Veale
Sam Wyatt
Sandi Smith
Sandra Battaglini (Canada based comic)
Sandra Bee
Sandy Foster
Sandy Nelson
Sara Benham
Sarah Archer
Sarah Bennetto (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Sarah Breese
Sarah Bridgeman
Sarah Callaghan
Sarah Hendrickx
Sarah Iles
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Kendall (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Sarah Ledger
Sarah-Louise Young
Sarah Millican

Sarah Mills
Sarah Pearce
Sarah Ruff
Sara Pascoe
Saskia Preston
Sassy Clyde
Satvir Rathi (India based comic)
The Scarlet Pimps
Scary Dave aka Dave K

Scott Adams
Scott Agnew

Scott Bennett
Scott Capurro (US comic now based in Britain)
Scott Denyer

Scott White (USA based comic)
Sean Bennett
Sean Downie (New Zealand based comic)
Sean Hegarty (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Sean Heydon
Sean Hughes
Sean Lock

Sean McHaffie
Sean Meo
Sean Nolan
Sean Patrick
Sean Percival
Sean Sellers (USA comic now based in Britain)
Sean Turner
Sebastian Bloomfield
Shabana Rehman

Shaista Aziz
Sham Zaman
Shane Mallon
Shappi Khorsandi

Sharlin Jahan ( Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Sharon Race
Shaun McHugh
Shawn Felipe (USA based comic)
Sha Wylie
Shazia Mirza
Shelley Cooper

Sheraz Yousaf
Shoot from the Hip
Sian Doughty
Si Beckwith
Si Buglass
Si Deaves
Si Holland
Simon Anstell
Simon B Cotter (Canada based comic)
Simon Bligh
Simon Brodkin

Simon Clayton
Simon Day

Simon Douglass
Simone Belshaw(Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Simon Emanuel
Simon Evans
Simon Farnaby
Simon Feilder
Simon Fox

Simon Gunnell
Simon Hannah
Simon Jenkins

Simon Kennedy (Australian based comic)
Simon King (Canada based comic)
Simon Lilley
Simon Lipson
Simon McKinney (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
Simon Meik
Simon Messingham
Simon Moore
Simon Munnery
Simon O'Keefe (Ireland based comic)

Simon Owen
Simon Pegg

Simon Salmon
The Singing Christmas Tree
Si Ramsden
Sir Ian Bowler MP
Sketchy Theatre
Slap and Giggle
Slaughterhouse Live

Sly Rich
Smith Madson
Smug Roberts
Sofie Hagen (Danish comic now based in Britain)
Soft Cabaret
Sol Bernstein

Sonia Aste (Spanish comic now based in Britain)
Sooz Kempner
Sophie Richardson
Sophie Sweatman
Sophie Willan
Special P Frederick
Spencer Brown

Spencer Owen
Spiky Mike
Squirrel Hunters

Stage Name
Stan Boardman
Stanley McHale
Stan Stanley
Stan Vernon
Stedeford and Kershaw
Steel Wallis
Stefano Paolini

Stefan Pejic
Steffan Alun
Steffan Evans
Steffen Peddie

Steff Todd
Stella Graham
Stephanie Davies

Stephanie Inglesfield (comic based in Switzerland)
Stephanie Laing
Stephanie Tisdell (Australia based comic)
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Carlin
Stephen Cookson
Stephen Dodd
Stephen Grant
Stephen Hill
Stephen K Amos
Stephen Morrison
Stephen Owen
Stephen Upsall
Stephen Williams
Steph Lane
Ste Porter
Steve Archer

Steve Balding
Steve Best
Steve Bird
Steve Bowditch

Steve Brown
Steve Bugeja
Steve Bustin
Steve Day
Steve Furst

Steve Goodall
Steve Gribbin
Steve Hall
Steve Harris
Steve Hili (Malta comic now based in Britain)
Steve Hughes (Australian comic who regularly tours Britain)
Steve Jameson
Steve Lee Wright
Steve Marsh
Steve N Allen
Steven Anderson
Steven Davidson

Steven J Whiteley (Australian comic who regularly tours Britain)
Steven Scaffardi
Steven Skilling
Steven Vinacour
Steve Oram

Steve Parry
Steve Peters
Steve Rawlings

Steve Rimmer
Steve Rosier

Steve Shanyaski
Steve Thompson

Steve Tomkins
Steve Weiner

Steve Whiteley
Steve Williams
Steve Wrigley (New Zealand based comic)

Stevie Gray
Stewart Francis (Canada based comic)
Stewart Lee

Stewart McCure (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Stewart McDowall
Stewart Nicol
Stewart Spaull

Stew Coleman
Stuart Black
Stuart Goldsmith

Stuart Henderson
Stuart Hossack
Stuart Hudson

Stuart Miller
Stuart Morrison
Stuart Newport
Stuart Taylor (South Africa based comic)

Stuart Walton
Stuart Wilde
Stu Hughes (Canada based comic)

Stu Privett
Stu Turner
Stu Who

Stu Woodings
Sully O'Sullivan (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)

Sunjai Arif
Sunna Jarman
Supergirly (Australian comedy duo who are now based in Britain)
Susan and Janice
Susan Hanks

Susan Harrison
Susan Morrison
Susan Murray
Susanne Fraiser
Susan Vale

Suzi Ruffell
Suzi Wild
Suzy Bennett
Svetlana - the Oligarch's wife
Syd Selby & Fanny
Sy Thomas

'Taco' Aidan Jones (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Tamar Broadbent
Tamer Kattan (USA based comic)
Tamika Campbell (US comic now based in Britain)
Tania Edwards
Tanya Lee Davis (US based comic)

Tara Donelon
Tara Flynn (Irish comic now based in Britain)

Tara Stout
Tarun Mohanbhai (New Zealand based comic)
Tash Alexander

Tash Bartlett
Taylor Glenn (US comic now based in Britain)
Taylor Graham

Ted Shiress
Tegwen Tucker
Teresa Holcomb (US comic now based in Britain)

Terry Alderton
Terry Frisby
Terry Gauci

Terry McHugh (Northern Ireland based comic)
Terry Saunders

Terry Topple
Terry Vinegar
Terry Williams (New Zealand based comic)

Tez Ilyas
Thanyia Moore
Thenjiwe Moseley
The One Like Fish

Theresa Farlow
Thomas Green (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Thomas Neumark
Thomas Ward
Thomas Willshire
Thom Milson
Thom Peterson - The Amazing Guy (USA comic now based in Britain)
Thom Tuck
Tiernan Douieb
Tiffany Stevenson

Tim Ballantine
Tim Bradbury

Tim Butcher
Tim Clark

Tim Cook
Tim Craven
Tim Ewins

Tim Giles
Tim Key

Timmy Balcutt
Tim O’Connor
Timothy Hoskins
Timothy Lock (Canadian comic now based in the UK)
Timothy Woodley
Tim Powell
Tim Strange (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Tim Vine
Tina C
Tina Kim (USA based comic)
Tinker Gray

TJ McDonald (New Zealand comic now based in Britain)
TJ Shoesmith
Toby Adams
Toby Brown
Toby Caldwell
Toby Hadoke

Toby Muresianu (USA based comic)
Toby Vane
Todd Sawyer (USA based comic)

Todd Van Allen (Canada based comic)

Tom Appleton
Tomas Ahlbeck (Sweden based comic)
Tom Allsopp
Tom Bell
Tom Binns

Tom Craine
Tom Daniels
Tom Davis
Tom Elliott

Tom Glover
Tom Golding
Tom Goodliffe

Tom Ham
Tom Hawley
Tom Holmes
Tom Mayhew
Tom Meeten
Tom Milsom
Tommy Campbell (Canadian comic now based in Britain)
Tommy D
Tommy Tiernan

Tommy Tucker (Scottish comedian now based in Spain)
Tom O'Connor

Tom O'Daighre
Tom Ollerton
Tom O'Mahony (Ireland based comic)
Tom Paine
Tom Price

Tom Roche
Tom Rosenthal

Tom Short
Tom Stevenson
Tom Toal
Tom Wrigglesworth
Tom Stade (Canada based comic)

Tom Webb
Tom Young
Tony Augarde

Tony Burgess
Tony Cowards

Tony Dunn
Tony Gurney
Tony Harries
Tony Hawks
Tony Hendriks (Jamaican comic based in Britain)

Tony Hickson
Tony Jameson
Tony King
Tony Law (Canadian comic based in Britain)
Tony Littler

Tony Marrese
Tony Morewood
Tony Richardson

Tony Roberts
Tony Simpson
Tony Tinman
Tony Vino
Toothpaste Expedition

Tracey MacDonald (Canadian comic based in the USA)
Travis Irvine (USA based comic)
Travis Jay
Travis Yates (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Treason Show
Trevor Crook (Australian comic now based in Britain)
Trevor Lock

Trevor Organ
Trev Tokabi
Tudur Owen
Tunde Ednut (Nigeria based comic)

Twayna Mayne
Twins Macabre

Ukulele Eric
Unbroadcastable Radio Show
The Under Dogs

Vahid Jahangard
Valentine F
Vanessa Edwards

Variety D
Victor Daniels

Victoria Elizabeth
Victor Pãtrãşcan (Romanian comedian based in UK)
Vikki Stone
Vince Atta
Vince Fluke (Canadian comic who is now based in Britain)

Vinny Vincenzo

Vin Sharma
Virginia Jones (USA based comic)
Vittorio Angelone (Irish comic now based in Britain)
Vivienne Kay
Vladimir McTavish
Vyck Cooley (USA based comic)

Wade McElwain (Canada based comic)
Waen Shepherd
Wale Gates (Nigerian comic based in Britain)
Warren Speed

Wayne Beese
Wayne Dawber
Wayne Deakin
(Australia based comic)
Wayne Howard

Wayne Lawrence
Wayne the Weird
We Are Klang

Wend Smith
Wendy Ivers
Wendy Wason

Wes Packer
Wes Zaharuk (USA based comic)
Whispies Chasm
Wil Hodgson
Wilko Terijn (Netherland based comedian)

Will Dalrymple
Will-E Robo (USA based comic)
William Andrews
William Caulfield
William Morris
William Stone
Willie Thompson
Will Nero
Will Penswick
Will Pointing
Will Preston
Will Seaward
Will Smith
Will T Collishaw

Winston Smith
Winter Foenander (Irish comic based in Britain)
Woody Bop Muddy
Wouter Meijs (Netherland based comedian)

Wynnie la Freak

Yianni Agisilaou (Australian comic based in Britain)
Yuriko Kotani (Japanese comic now based in Britain)
Yoshki Greenberg

Zahra Barri
Zak Turner
Zenjiro (Japan based comic)
Zeron Gibson

Zoë Grisedale
Zoe Lyons

ComedyCV: new acts on the UK comedy circuit that we rate – December 2017



It has always been the ethos of ComedyCv that we are here to help comedians get noticed; especially new acts on circuit. So on that basis we are going to feature a number of acts who are new to the UK comedy circuit, but whom we rate. You'll most likely see them doing 10 minute open spots at comedy clubs up and down the UK. We feel these are ones that are head-and-shoulders above the rest of the new crop.

Travelled, weathered, and cultured, Eric Patric’s comedy is as varied as his life experiences. A former resident of 6 different countries, Eric has finally settled in London, one of the few cities in the world that can keep up with his energy. He has traveled the world, learning languages, 4 but who’s counting, and performing stand-up to crowds around the globe. From Johannesburg to Bucharest, Eric’s award winning, high energy doesn’t seem to have borders. With a range from edgy to silly, provocative to obscure, his shows are all-around fun. All around the world.

Rahul Kohli tells true stories from his drunken adventures. From the wacky to the hilarious to the downright unbelievable, hear about how he was pissed on by a tiger, nearly killed by a fire breathing dragon, and how he accidentally joined a Romani Gypsy drug smuggling ring. Pick of the Fringe 2016 (BBC Radio 4, 'Dripping with erudite genius' (Fest). 'A clear talent for telling a story' (Bruce Dessau, NATYS 2017 winner.



Bella is a trained actress but now brings her comedy skills to bear as a very promising newcomer to the scene. She is confident yet charming on stage and her theories on everything from Instagram to fitness bloggers always gets the audience laughing. She is petit yet powerful and looks to have a bright career in stand up ahead of her. She already appeared at the Backyard comedy club in London and at Mirth Control venues nationwide. Certainly highly recommended.


Natalie is a Scottish stand up comedian, MC and producer living in London. She currently has a number of exciting projects in development and is working towards her debut hour of comedy. She combines stories of her childhood years in Scotland with hilarious one liners and some political satire thrown in for good measure too and is rapidly building a reputation as a stand up to look out for on any UK bill.


Acts we rated in November 2016
Chelsea Hart
Saskia Preston
Matt Hobs
Pav Rao

Acts we rated in February 2016
Phil Lucas
Andy Gleeks
Thanyia Moore
Jake Baker
Nimi Kesh

Acts we rated in March 2015

Martin Croser
Svetlana the Oligarch's Wife
Peter Halpin
Suzy Wilde
Matt Hobs