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Sam Akowe

Sam is originally from Nigeria.  He migrated to the United Kingdom in 1991.  While he was in Nigeria, he was a successful compare at wedding receptions, fund raising and other social events.  He was also a hilarious stand-up comedian.  Sam once belonged to a drama club in Lagos Nigeria. 

On arrival in the UK in 1991, Sam continued to entertain diverse audiences as stand-up comedian, compare and master of ceremonies at special events in London.  Sam’s special qualities include his ability and flare in delivering his jokes and extreme confidence in front of his audiences.  Also, Sam has a very amiable personality and he uses this factor very effectively in endearing himself to his audiences everywhere he performed.

Records of Performance:

  • Entertaining Nigerian State Government officials in London on their working visit in 2000

 Star performer at Mr. & Mrs. Ogogo’s high society party in 2000 in Hammersmith, London

Star performer at an Annual Dinner Party of Benin Union (a Nigerian Indigenous Organisation in London) in 2004


Television Appearances:

First Runner-Up in a television Talent Hunt – “Fresh Act” organised by Original Black Entertainment Television (OBE TV) London in 2007

 A Principal performer in a television series “London Get Problem” shown on OBE TV since January 2008

Performed at the Nigerian Comedy Night June 2008

 Has recently been cast for a movie to start shooting soon

Also Sam has been cast as one of the leading characters in a television drama series “Fresh Trouble” starting soon on OBE TV, London