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Dave Bishop

Where Dave Bishop goes, chaos tends to follow. A hard-drinking, hard-living, iconoclast comic, Dave has been rocking comedy clubs all over the country with his
venomous and uncompromising comedy. he's been described as angry, volatile and wild. He's also been described as funny.

His delivery is upfront and riotous, calculated to whip an audience into a frenzy. Dave feeds on laughter and shock, firing back killer material, sharp adlibs and
strange, unpredicatable and hilarious tangents. It would be a mistake, however, to think of Dave as some sour, twisted and unforgiving monster. Dave can be at his absolute best when his well-hidden tender side unexpectedly shines through, or when his inner child looks out to see what all the noise is about.

Taking in a broad spectrum of topics, Dave can discuss anything from Sesame Street to Afghanistan without breaking a sweat, as well as veering swiftly from the
globally relevent to the nakedly confessional. Dave can take an audience to the brink of being morbidly offended then haul them back from the precipice with a killer punchline.

Having gigged all over the country, and with much more to come including a support slot with American legend Doug Stanhope, you can expect to see Dave leaving a trail of hangovers, broken homes, empty pints and adoring audiences somewhere near you in the near future.

Dial-a-Date - Hewland International 1999
Sit Down Stand Up - Channel M 2003
Modern Life is Rubbish - Granada Factual 2006

Guest on BBC GMR's Michelle Around Midnight
Fuse FM

"Has been described as the star of the new generation emerging on Manchester’s comedy scene and I would agree with that without hesitation. My only advice is this: catch this barrel of laughs in Manchester before
his sell-out nationwide gig tickets are gold dust! " Student Direct

"Bishop's agression with a grin style had the Depot rocking." - Lancashire Evening Telegraph

"One of the funniest comedians I've ever seen" Smooth FM