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Nobby Kobayashi
Nobby (Kobayashi) is a Japanese comedian with over 300 gigs under her belt. While she has been gigging on the circuit for a few years, she only started focusing on it seriously in recent years, due to personal issues: a divorce,  bereavement and redundancy. Having become equipped with plenty of potential comedy material, she began gigging more regularly in September 2018.  Since then, she has progressed to doing 7-10s, including at charity and Mirth Control gigs. She did her first gig at a festival last year at 2019 Women In Comedy in Manchester, sharing an hour with Sadia Azmat. This year, she will be performing in an all-women showcase at Leicester Comedy Festival and is currently tweaking her half an hour show for Camden Fringe, and potentially other fringe festivals.

Nobby is originally from Japan, but went to international school in the USA, before moving to the UK.  With her diminutive figure, comical facial expressions and equally amusing movement, she enchants the audience with her unique take on her life in the UK, often viewed as outlandishly “quirky” (coz she’s foreign, innit?), yet utterly silly and entertaining.

“Too off-the-wall for Britain’s Got Talent” Geoff Whiting

“A great gag writer with a quirky stage presence” T-Bird Comedy Club

“Audiences find her very endearing” Jeremy O’Donnell