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Tom O'Daighre

Tom O'Daighre (pron. Oh-Dare) is a stand-up comic now based in Manchester, but who cut his teeth in London. Tom has been performing since January 2010, and in that time has developed a signature style; an incapacitating barrage of groan-worthy puns, followed by an intense political rant, followed by a further dose of puns, or a nihilist diatribe, depending on the crowd.

Tom has a friendly, accessible manner, and has recently started running and compèring his own monthly comedy night in Didsbury, South Manchester. During the summer of 2011, Tom organised a tour of his own 30 minute comedy show. Tom has shared bills with Simon Donaldson, Sara Pascoe, Bec Hill, and others.

Tom is a frequent participant at many North of England gong shows, including the Comedy Store King Gong, the Frog and Bucket Beat The Frog, and the Mr Ben's gong show, and is a regular finalist. Tom also won judges' choice runner-up at the inaugural So You Think You're Punny competition.

Tom is also a prolific user of social networks and has over 700 Twitter followers. He can be found at @tomOdaighre.