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Byron Bertram

"Great stuff"  Eddie Izzard

"Brilliant" Dame Judi Dench

"Amazing Presence" Eddie Brill (David Lettman Booker)

"A Very Very Funny Man" Colin Mochare (Who's Line is it anyway)

"Fantastic" John Tesh (Entertainment Tonight/Musician)

"Incredibly Self Centered" Byron's ex girlfriend


"Had the Crowd cheering and this reviewer wanting more 4 STARS" - Melbourne Herald Sun

"He has the emphasis, rhythms and punchiness to penetrate the most indifferent club night" - Chortle

"Bertram is a polished professional.  Smooth of Delivery and sharp of wit" - The Pun Australia

"Really gets the crowd going" - Vancouver Sun

"Very fun to watch, just don't try to sneak away" - Ottawa Sun

"Awesome" Edmonton Sun

"Impressive, slightly manic, but impressive" - Impress Magazine


Born and raised in Vancouver, he first took to the mic in 1997 (before he was old enough to be in the club) Since then, he has been a crowd favorite Headlining for Bikers to Drag Queens, to Drag Bikers or any other audience imaginable on stages in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Holland, Japan the USA to his home country of Canada.

His unique high energy, blend of observational truthful insight mixed with his natural talent for accents, voices, impressions consistently make all walks of life have multiple moving mouth noises, of happiness through there face holes.

Most recently Byron has worked with the likes of Zack Galifinakis, Colin Mochare, and Flight of the Concords, received rave reviews for his own man show "Guilt Ridden Sociopath"  as well as stared in Fox television's Alcatraz and Once Upon a time along side Robert Carlyle.


-Absolute Comedy (Ottawa, Toronto)
-Classic (Auckland NZ)
-Comedy Cafe (London)
-Comedy Cellar (New York)
-Comedy Garage (Sydney)
-Comics Lounge (Melbourne)
-Comedy Store (Los Angeles)
-Comedy Works (Montreal)
-Comedy Zoo (Copenhagen)
-Funny Bone (Vancouver)
-HA! Comedy Club (New York)
-Internation Bar (Dublin)
-Lafflines (Vancouver)
-Laffshop (various locations, Canada)
-Punchlines (San Francisco)
-Stand Up New York (New York)
-The Improv (Los Angeles)
-Top Secret Comedy Club (London)
-Yuk Yuk's (various locales - Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver)