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Russ Peers

Bath Comedy Festival New Act Runner up 2014
So You Think You're Funny Finalist 2013
Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year Finalist 2013

"Russ delighted a sell-out crowd at Brighton Komedia. With his confident stage presence and well-written material he generated big laughs and I look forward to working with him again". Zoe Lyons, comic and Bent Double promoter.

Russ is a London-based comic who has gigged around the country from Comic Boom and Bent Double at the Brighton Komedia to the Bath Comedy Festival, and Up The Creek, The Hob and Angel Comedy in London.

Raised in the North of England as a heterosexual Russ’s early exposure to pies, crisps, and deep-fried foods in his home town of Barrow-in-Furness shaped his outlook on life (not to mention his figure). Although these days he’s more likely to be found browsing for quinoa in the aisles of Waitrose Islington, his main ambition in life is still to be invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of a Greggs. His laid-back, anecdotal style takes in all these aspects of his life and more and has had audiences big and small rolling in the aisles.

RUNNER UP - Bath Comedy Festival New Act Competition 2014
FINALIST - So You Think You're Funny 2013
FINALIST - Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year 2013