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Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria is the founder of theatre company:  Chesterlass Productions.

She and fellow founder member, Rob Smythson studied Acting at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.  They began Chesterlass Productions in 2007 and they currently write, act and produce shows.  They also teach Drama to young people, focussing on the creation of new work.   

One of the Stage newspaper’s, “10 New faces of the Fringe,”  they have completed two successful years at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, along with talented actor and musician Ronan Summers and Joseph Grant.  Critics have described their work as, “laugh-a-minute, cute and funny, witty, sharp, wonderfully inventive, natural and endearing.” 

Chesterlass Productions have so far written and produced three short comedy plays, which can be slotted together in any order to create a longer piece.  The Company use very few props and place a great emphasis on strong, skilled writing and performances, not  flashy technology.

Over the past two years, their plays have been performed in London and Brighton, as well as in Edinburgh.  Anna and Rob also continue to work as actors in London.

Anna is currently arts and society writer for Evolve Media.  Find her articles @ www.everythingevolves.co.uk

Chesterlass Productions: 
I Kissed a Frog and it Gave me Herpes
Waxing Cynical
Brixton, Beach

“Hugely talented”

“The ones to watch”

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