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Whispies Chasm

Experimental comic sketch group based in Newcastle

"A special level of absurdity" "4/5 stars" "ThreeWeeks magazine."
"Comedy gold" Long Live Comedy
"Very entertaining" Al Daws (Compare at highest rated comedy venue in North East by Chortle)
"Hilarious...an epic adventure!" "John Whike Fenham FM

Whispies Chasm are an up and coming experimental comic sketch group based in Newcastle. Their comedy has regularly been adapted to fit a variety of mediums whether it be; radio, stage show, TV, Stand up or film.

They perform regular shows at Northumbria University's: Stage 2 (which has hosted other famous talents such as; Amy Whinehouse and the Hives), where they are currently building up a fan base and receiving outstanding responses.

They had took part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, at the Laughing Horse@Lindsay's Bar, where they received:
4/5 Stars by ThreeWeeks Magazine
Whispies Chasm produced a 3 hour long radio comedy show containing 6 episodes of comedy sketches for Fenham FM radio station which was broadcast globally and received very favourably in Australia.

The group consists of the following members;
Danny Jackson:
· Danny has performed stand up at different venues all over the country, often appearing at the infamous Long Live Comedy where he made his "debut with a very entertaining 5 minutes, on the new trend of Face Book 'it's social pokemon, gotta catch them all!"
· He also writes the majority of the sketches and has produced and written his own radio show as well as graduating with a degree in Drama from Northumbria University
Sarah Speak:
· Sarah also regularly performs stand up at Long Live Comedy where she was reviewed as "comedy gold, or worrying psychological problem!"
· She has qualifications in script editing and like Danny has graduated with a degree in Drama

Andrew Richardson:
· Has interviewed various famous comedians including "Mark Gattis" (League of Gentlemen) "Noel fielding" (Mighty Boosh)
· Degree in English and Media Studies
· Won the Guardians young writer of the year 2005
· He writes and acts in some of the sketches

Anthony Dixon:
· Beard
· Guitar
· Coffee
We are all available for sketch show bookings and Sarah Speak and Danny Jackson are available for Stand up gigs.