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Dave Urwin

Dave Urwin never felt the need to perform in such a formal setting as a comedy club until the realisation recently dawned on him that if he didn’t he might actually have to have a real job. Forever. As one who takes to social interaction like the average rhinocerous takes to ice-skating, much of his day to day life is a stand up performance. You may call it his natural defence mechanism. In his short career thus far he has been asked to sign a photo of Russell Brand as himself by an off-duty lap dancer, been applauded by a packed Taunton club for talking about bestiality and outed an infamous historical Yorkshireman as a gay icon.

With the above in mind it would be easy to imagine that Urwin plumbs rather sordid depths for his material, but he gains as much inspiration from reading the text on bottles of shower gel and bubble bath. Here is a comedian with a degree in Creative Writing who realises that just about any sentence can be turned into a moderately amusing observation if misinterpreted in the right way (and that was an oxymoron.)

Dave is primed to sneak up on an unsuspecting comedy scene and make waves with his fabulous hair, lucky pink scarf and hypnotic wordplay. He charms the audience senseless with his relentless self deprecation before delivering that knockout blow. It might be an unfeasibly long-winded acronym or a philosophically stimulating yet side-splitting observation. It might even be a spontaneous foray into interpretative dance, but whichever form his comedy takes you may well be left wondering just what could have happened to make him this way.

 You’ve heard of 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’; well hopefully Dave will be shot less times in his quest for recognition, but the basic premise is remotely similar. Dave Urwin’s search for comedic notoriety is soon to gather pace. Just remember that if you’re the subject of one of his observations it’s only because he wants a cuddle.

Ancon (Cuba) – on a beach under the stars to an audience of about six.

Dave was once a contestant on the infamous Channel 4 game show Countdown. Does that count?

If a fruitarian can only eat things that fall from trees does that mean that a fruitarian can be a meat eater – what if a squirrel falls from a tree?