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Jim Hobbit

My name is Jim Hobbit 54 Years of age from Glasgow and have been on the circuit for 11 months and have done a total of 22 gigs mostly open mike with a few waged gigs. I have apeared at the Stand in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as Billy Bonkers Cosy Comedy club doing 10 minuit spots and guesting on the clubs impromtu comedy group. I have been on the same bill as Janey Godley, Reverand Obidiah Steppenwolf the third and Michael Redmond.

I have tried my hand at trying to win the coveted £100 at the Bluu gong show in Argyle Street Glasgow, coming in third last,second or doing a ten minuit spot because no other contestants turned up in which I got paid for.

My comedy is surrealistic and political at the same time.

Most of my audience think I am across between Harry Hill,Tommy Cooper and Bill Hicks.

I am working on a recurring character called Danny Dorko C.I.C (Care in the community)Egon Roney of the mental institutes. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I wanted to put a less patronising view of mental ilnesses across so its more palatable to accept.

At the Glasgow comedy festival I got to the final of the gong show and also was one of the contestants at the Newbury comedy festivals competition (You must be joking) Future gigs will be in Aberdeen, Newcastle and London and when I am not gigging I will be finishing off my Star Trek musical which some of the songs have been featured in the Star Trek magazine and has had some positive comments from some of the cast of Deep Space 9. My latest set includes the use of a rubber guitar and a kazoo.