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USA comedians who are based or regularly tour in Britain

Abigoliah Schamaun
Ahmed Ahmed
Aidan Bishop
Alexis Wieroniey
Alonzo Bodden
Andrew Norelli
Arj Barker
Ashley Strand
Brad Tassell
Brian Archer

Carrieanne Guthrie (based in Britain)
Channel 53
Chelsea Hart (USA comic now based in Britain)
Chuquai Billy
Cocoanut Lady

Cort McCown
Cortney Gee

Cynthia Levin
Dana Alexander
Dave Fulton

David Crowe
David Mills
David Mulholland

David Young
Denis Donohue

Dennis Ross
Dom Irrera
Doug Stanhope
Elizabeth Kuyper
Erich McElroy
Eric Shantz

Ever Mainard 
Greg Proops
Ian Edwards

Ian Harris
Ian Salmon
Jackie Eco
Jack Warren

James Veitch
Janice Kamalski

Jay Lamont
Jilberto Soto (USA comic now based in Britain)
Jim Elliott
John Fealey
John Lenahan

Johnny Maya (USA comic based in USA)
JoJo GeorGiou
Jovanka Steele
Julie Wheeler (USA comic based in USA)
Kate McCabe
Keith Collins
Keith Pelt

Kyle Grooms
Laura Levites
Lauren Karl
Leif Skyving
Lewis Schaffer

Liz Miele
Lord Carrett
Marc Salem

Maria Shehata
Mark Feigenbutz
Marty Mclean
Matt Davis (USA comic based in USA)
Matt Devlin

Mike Capozzola (USA comic now based in Britain)
Mike Dugan
Mr Zed

Nathan Zorchak
Otis Lee Crenshaw
Patrice O'Neal

Phileo Shacor (USA based comic)
Polly Brown
Randy Wilson
Rene Hicks
Ria Lina
Rich Hall
Rick Right

Robert Commiskey
Ron G
Ron Vaudry
Rosie Rebel
Rosie Tran

Russell Hicks
Russ Meneve

Scott Capurro
Scott White
Sean Sellers (USA comic now based in Britain)
Shawn Felipe
Tamer Kattan
Tanya Lee Davis

Taylor Glenn
Teresa Holcomb

Thom Peterson - The Amazing Guy
Tina Kim
Toby Muresianu
Todd Sawyer

Travis Irvine
Virginia Jones
Vyck Cooley
Will-E Robo