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Eric Ex Ex Gmex

Winner Comedy Store Deansgate King Gong Autumn 2012
Winner Beat The Frog Manchester Summer 2013
8Spot Beat The Frog Preston May 2014
8Spot Comedy Balloon May 2012
8Spot Comedy Store Deansgate Manchester Summer 2012
Runner Up King Gong London West End Autumn 2012
Last, Beat The Frog Preston January 2014
Gonged off divers dates 2012-2014.

Eric EX Ex GMex’s days as a stand up comedian are over, mainly due to only having one eye and one ear, which means he can’t stand up.

However this does not matter since The GMex is now writing comedy, an activity He has been engaged in since the 1890’s on and off. Mostly disgustingly rude and offensive stuff, funny though. Doesn’t do innuendo, although he doesn’t mind slipping the odd one in, your front porch could do with a good licking madam, that kind of childish thing hee hee hee. He doesn’t mind who he offends or takes the piss out of. In fact the more annoying he is the better he likes it.

GMex’s work can now (as from August 2014) can be sampled on Amazon / Kindle with An unLikely Story, $0.99 - £7.76 roughly, the funniest book that has ever been written, much funner than The Iliad or Beowolf. An unLikely Story 2, the Red Reminder, and An unLikely Story 3, The Final Demand are in progress, well sort of.

The GMex is currently building a model Norman castle from a sheet of plasterboard and a bag of B&Q cement. It is expected to be ready late 2031, and under budget.

The GMex can also shortly be found on the radio, ALL FM, 96.9FM and on the net, late night phone in from the end of 2014, dates TBC, prob. Tuesdays 10pm, THE ERIC EX EX GMEX SHOW. Drivel and nonsense mainly, including the history of development of the revolutionary new Dog O’Iron. The GMex has applied to go on Dom Joly’s panel of 1,000 most influential comedians but doesn’t know if He has got on yet. Wouldn’t have thought so. Well fuck it if not.

So read the book, listen to the show, or fuck off. Its up to you, or be a girlie winkle then.

A bird shit on my windscreen on Saturday night. I’m not taking her out again.

The GMex is available for writing assistance, scripts, books jokes, eulogies, essays, resignation speeches etc.

Prev. Lecturer in Computation Manchester Metropolitan University 1994-2002.