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Andrew Bailey
The King of Disfunctional Doowop

Andrew Bailey didn't invent alternative comedy, but he was doing something a lot like it long before other alternative comics came along. A veteran of london's original Comedy Store, after hours in a Soho strip club, his haunted mimetic humour was far wierder and more wonderful than today's straight, formulaic stand-up - and a quarter of a century later, he's still going strong. He's worked with Ken Campbell and John Hegley, and been in 1980's TV shows like max Headroom, but his expressionistic clowning is timeless and international, and it's no surprise to find so many continental credits on his CV.


"I don't like the phase 'lunatic fringe', but if there was an award in that category, Andrew would be well in the running" - The Telegraph 5/8/2003

"one of alternative comedy's true originals......and 20 years later he is still going strong" - The Guardian

"Andrew Bailey is a strange man whose act involves ping pong balls, rubber gloves and lots of sound sampling" (SCOTSMAN)