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If you are interested in booking any of the comedians that are featured on this website please email me at mullaney3@blueyonder.co.uk and I will be happy to pass on your enquiry.


Paul James

Once described as what would happen if Tim Vine hadn’t found God, Paul delivers a set that has the audience reeling from the first joke to the last. His high laugh rate has made him a hit with comedy club, art centre, theatre and university crowds up and down the UK and Ireland.

He has a warm and laid back style, which together with an ever-present glint in his eye puts an audience at ease, even if they feel just a little naughty afterwards. In the appropriate environment he can make an audience feel VERY naughty. Paul unashamedly enjoys what he does and has won several minor competitions he hadn’t realised he’d entered or feels the need to put after his name.

 He has a down to earth accessibility that wins crowds over everywhere and he is not afraid to interrupt his stream of gags and one liners to dip into the crowd to extract every last drop of fun.

Paul has built up a cult fan base in his native Wales where he established and regularly MC’s the outlandish and acclaimed Clown’s Pocket comedy club.


"An absolute Legend worthy of headline status" - Rob Halden :West Mids Comedian of the Year 2009/ Promoter

“Paul is a cracking act. Some of the best written one-liners I've heard for a while and an open delivery which warms him to the audience” - Juice Comedy

“One of the most promising comics in Wales, Paul weaves the dark and dirty into comedy gold... A solid gagsmith who is getting bigger and bigger.” - Laughing Mic Comedy

“Paul’s like Jimmy Carr with a winning Welsh way ...... the funniest man in Wales”. - Anon the Poet: Comedian/Promoter

“He is a fine act, very funny, good material. Worth booking. Talented bastard!!!” - Rob C: Comedian/promoter

Quotes for the Clown’s Pocket

The Clown's Pocket club is not your run of the mill venue - it's like entering another dimension - in a good way - it really is a true Rock and Roll venue
Psycho Dave: Comedian

“A weird pub in Neath” - Paul Savage Comedian/Promoter