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Kingsley Pilgrim

You know you got a unique view when you're a black comedian coming straight out of Milton Keynes. Kingsley's was born to make you laugh but if you don't want to look at his baby pictures he has one hell of a funny stand up routine. Kingsley tends to shy away from topical comedy as he is clueless about the world around him. He is not adverse to a touch of multi-tasking, and had been known to dabble in some acting and glamour photography the later he does of course for artistic value.

He started his comedy on a holiday to Los Angeles after that he returned and started to brave the London circuit.

2002-San Francisco comedy festival
2003-Edinburgh festival(Late night laughter lounge)


"Let's hope his comedy is as funny as his name is!" - Norby west

"Must have the strangest name on the comedy circuit!" - Graeme casey(comedy brewhouse)

"A funny English comic with an even funnier first name!" - Tony sparks(Brainwash cafe,San francisco)

"Get a real job" - Kingsley's mum