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Louise Ashley

A petite poet who packs a punch!

Perched on a nest of humour, Louise exposes fact and fantasy from any situation she considers worthy of dissection. With work published in numerous magazines and anthologies, her recent book, Angels in Asda reaped success when Sarah Kennedy on BBC Radio 2 featured her poem, Recipe for Life.

Louise is currently sponsored by Starbucks Coffee Company to perform in their coffee houses and lead writing workshops in schools as a part of their commitment to youth and literacy. Louise has performed at theatres, festivals, café bars, private and corporate events, in churches, at Manchester United Football Club, plus she has also survived a lunchtime gig in an Asda superstore. Louise also leads team-building events. Previous clients include Boots, Woolworths and BP Oil.


"Louise is a natural comic. Timing abounds and a wicked sensibility that keeps you on your toes. She is '0-60 in Six Verses' and everyone of them will have you laughing out loud!" - Jason Bradbury, Channel 5

"Louise Ashley may float through her act with the elegance and charm of a butterfly, but beware of the sting in the tale. She has a cutting edge that can bring tears to the eyes of the unsuspecting male. This is poetry with punch, delivered with style that can make you wince as well as smile. Check out this lady - she's a knockout!" Ian Collinson - Literature Affairs Correspondent, County Lit Magazine

"A spicy delivery of hilarious observations, served up with a mischievous smile and a generous garnishing of accompanying props!" -Michelle 'Mother' Hubbard, Performance Poet and Founder of Blackdrop

My Life Story:

'In the beginning I was born. Like all babies I slept, ate and screamed a lot. The only primary school memory I have is the Wendy house and Melvin Dobson picking his nose and wiping it on the curtains. I hated secondary school and was extremely shy, I kept my head down and made it to puberty. Skipping the gory details, I was more interested in horses than hunks, my saving grace. My first job was an office junior, where the typing skills came in handy washing pots and licking envelopes. Next came men, poetry, desire, denial, deaths and bad hair days. If adversity is the fertiliser for growth then I should be 10ft, not 5. Four years ago I found my voice, the Holy Spirit and the almighty power of humour. I'm not shy anymore but I still scream a lot.'

Random Facts: I wear boots in Summer, I collect words not paperweights. I hate beer, shell-suits and gherkins. I love old fashioned Roses, my children and my husband….. although I may possibly leave him for Mel Gibson! Other interests include playing the guitar, music, yoga, sculpting, renovating a VW Camper Van and of course WORLD PEACE!