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Jack Warren

Jack Warren was raised outside a small farm town outside Kalamazoo, Michigan by devout Catholic parents who ran a group foster home for delinquent teens. Jack says “with an upbringing like that he had two-career choices: serial killer or stand-up comedian”. Now, thanks to the traveling he does while on tour, he gets to do both!

The seed was planted for Jacks comedy career in 1989 when a friend took him to see the late Sam Kinison for his birthday. Jack won Sams "Phone Call From Hell" contest and had the opportunity to meet his idol. He said, "Both Carl Labove and Sam Kinison were amazing! It was the closest thing to a spiritual experience I’ve ever had." Jack later saw Tim Allen at the State Theatre in Kalamazoo, Michigan (THREE TIMES) and again felt something pulling at him, a voice saying this was what he was meant to do. Jacks mother says it may have been the voice of the devil himself. To this day, Jack still isn’t sure, and still doesn't care.

Fast forward 12 years, one divorce, and a 10-year management career that ended when the company went bankrupt (Not Jack’s Fault)! Finally, Jacks comedy career began. His first performance was at the legendary Punchline comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly thereafter, Jack teamed up with a "freind of a friend", a standup comic already on tour. Jack called for some advice and the friend replied, "I have a tour of shitty one-nighters across rural Georgia. You can come along and if you still want to do standup after that, you'll know you are hooked!"

Jack was indeed hooked and has been on the road ever since. Jack has toured extensively throughout the US and splits his residence in Michigan, South Carolina and Los Angeles. Come see the world through Jacks twisted eyes and you are sure to leave feeling better about your own sanity!