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Jack Gardner

Jack Gardner is a Newcastle-upon-Tyne based surreal comedian/illustrator who regularly performs across the North of England, Scotland and London. He’s been performing stand-up since 2010 and was previously one fifth of an absurd sketch group, The Animals of Butter Bridge.

He is currently running his own alternative comedy night Silly Billy’s Comedy in Newcastle.

He is currently in the final for Comedy Knights Fresh Comedian of the Year 2013 and semi-finals for Golden Jesters Competition 2013.

Jack engages the audience with his likeable persona before taking them on strange and wonderful journeys.

“Jack is complete stupidity with massive balls! He takes risks most comics are too scared to take and reaps the rewards big time. He's totally mad and his ideas and performance make one piss themselves with laughter. It's silly, imaginative, risk-taking stuff and the audience loves him for that.” - Dr Brown (Phil Burgers)

"I really enjoy what Jack Gardner does. It is quirky, fun and full of surprises. He reminds me of a disturbed Harry Hill or a lost cast member of The League of Gentlemen. If you want to support a new act doing something different and add some variety or excitement to your bill he's your man." - Bobby Carroll, Comedy Knights

“Jack Gardner is a joy to watch, springing genuine surprises and bizarre twists as he lampoons popular culture with his unique brand of surreal madness, bringing wild cackles of delight from his audience...puppets, impressions, detours, brilliantly written but seemingly off script. A unique and delicious act.” - Thomas Ward, The Goodfather London

“Jack is one of my favourite acts, he is mental, hilarious and a comedic genius all rolled into one. He is not only one of my favourite acts but is one of the most requested acts back at Laughterholics from our audience. I would put Jack on every month if I could.” - Luke Milford, Laughterholics South Shields

“Surrealist comedy with a good laughter rate. Impressive and original - Gigglebeats.co.uk