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Laura Levites

Laura Levites is a professional stand-up comedian from New York City. She has toured America with Lisa Lampanelli, was featured in Comedy Central's Meet the Creeps and currently lives and performs nightly in Los Angeles.

Laura’s brutal honesty was recognized as an asset by cast members of the Howard Stern Show, and she became a regular at The Comic Strip, Stand Up New York, and Carolines. Laura Levites is the kind of performer who invites you into her world and makes you feel as if she is not some stranger, but a close friend telling you about herself.

She is not for sensitive types. She’s as tough as she is sweet but the reality of her separates the boys from the men. Laura debuted her first one woman show, How Did I Get Here? at Edinburgh this year, and received 4 star reviews.

The show details Laura desire to have a normal relationship, even if its with her shrink. Burning houses, multiple emergency room visits, overdoses, nice boys turned online fetish-chasers, pregnancy tests, drug dealers, cults, hip chefs and of course, the only male who's never turned against Levites, her dog Pagan are a few to name on the long list of who's who on the tour de force that is Levites' love life.

“Levites enthusiastically acts out a series of increasingly farcical, and at times touching,scenarios featuring her disastrous relationships and her much-adored dog. Herinfectious enthusiasm will make you glad she found her way to Edinburgh.”--Three Weeks

She's a prime example of the growing influence of women in comedy, as she takes some of the worst experiences anyone can possibly have and finds the humor in them and fearlessly tells them as stories with meaningful subtext.” -- Vickie Toro, Comediva

Laura Levites hits the stage like a neurotic hurricane of loss, laughs and loneliness."-- LA Theatre Review

“Laura Levites is a breath of fresh air in a city that has none."--Carlos Herrera host of The Mostly Normal Show The Improv