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FAQ for comedians: How to write a comedy biography

How to write your own comedy biography

The point of the comedy biography is two fold:
1) to give promoters an idea of the type of comedy act you are.
2) provide information for promoters to use when selling you to punters

The biog should contain the following:

  • At the top: your name, contact telephone number , e-mail address and website if possible
  • Underneath this put the best newspaper quote you can find. This is so as to grab the attention of the promoter - for the newbie comics don't worry about this, since you will not have any newspaper quotes yet.
  • First paragraph - Very brief description of you, your act and you major selling point to the punters.

For example - Joe Bloggs has only been performing on the comedy circuit 12 months, but his lighting fast wit and rapor with the audience has made him a resident compere at several club. Based in Manchester, Joe is already headlining in comedy clubs in the North and Midlands.

  • Second paragraph if required can be used to provide more details, but most promoters will skip this and go to the next section.
  • List of comedy clubs you have performed at - this will give promoters an indication of what stage in the comedy ladder you are. If you perform regularly at Jongleurs, then you are probably headline material.
  • Also include a list of: TV work; Radio work and Theatre appearances. Many TV and Radio companies look through comedy biogs, looking for the next Joe and Adam or Frank Skinner
  • Finally and most importantly - and this is how promoters will sell you to the punters - newspaper or magazine quotes, plus any comedy competitions you have appeared in the final of.