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Adrienne Coles

Adrienne is a female comic, based in Bournemouth, and has a wide variety of original material. She performs at independent gigs around the country.

Adrienne's original observational material is full of clever word play, strong characterisation and even impressions. Her apparent innocence is soon betrayed by an obvious wicked streak, and herein lies her appeal.  Her set includes audience interaction, and gentle put downs that get great laughs.

Adrienne has made a rapid progression on the comedy scene as a relative new comer.  She will be appearing on the bill in 2014 alongside: Jarred Christmas, Katherine Ryan, Tim Vine and Andrew Bird just to name a few.  She regularly appears at military gigs up and down the country, independent comedy clubs, and at corporate, charity, and other events.

She has a wide variery of material, so can cater for any event and audience. Her on stage personae, and confidence is well recieved by all. Adriennedraws on her many life experiences, both good and bad, and is portrayed on stage as an empowered woman able to mock her challenges and herself.
"Warm, witty and original, Adrienne Coles always sees the funny side of life" Ben Elton.

"Adrienne’s material showcases a comic who pays meticulous attention to every detail of her set. She is likeable, has a strong yet understated stage presence and is able to gently ridicule the men in her life, the women in her life and most importantly - herself. Definitely one to watch in 2013!" The Gag Show

"On stage she portrays an innocent demeanour that covers  a wicked naughty side that just can’t stop popping out!" Michael Callaghan - Owner and Director of Funnybone Comedy Club.

"An act that has developed a captivating persona and some well crafted material. Certainly moving up the ranks fast!" James Alderson

"Adrienne delivers her strong material really well. She has a refreshing cheekiness that endears her to the audience.  Compromising none of her femininity, the audience readily identifies with her experience-driven, anecdotal comedy. Growing in comedic stature all the time and unafraid to push the boundaries, she reaps the extra laughs from a set that is fresh, brilliantly timed and just plain funny."  Daniel Kington