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Jono Dilley

Jono Dilley is very new to comedy.

He took part in Anthony King's 2005 Lincoln Workshop, and started to do a few gigs in 2006!
Finding his feet at the moment - he has an original mixture of dark material and straight forward one liners. Clever writing produces good Uni gigs, but maybe misunderstood at others! This is the beginning.
Please watch this space!

"..among the highlights were Jono Dilley and next-door's cat..." Lincolnshire Echo

"I remember you by your excellent material, not by whether you had a zip up top on" Jim Smallman

"Keep at it" Rhod Gilbert

"You were good - You were dark" Jack Cowley

"Who?" Anthony King

"He's just a fu**in no hoper!" Mrs Dilley, Lincoln (Mum)