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Waen Sheperd

WAEN SHEPHERD is a versatile character comedian, native of Yorkshire, inhabitant of London. Following his days as a stand-up poet and fringe actor ("Supple-limbed… expressive … effortless" What's On), Waen started out performing bizarre experimental monologues at the early Club Zarathustra, touring with spoof techno band and Edinburgh sell-out The Pod ("The future of techno comedy" Guardian; "The musical comedy event of the festival" NME), hosting the underground cabaret Gritty Fingers and smashing up Cornish pasties in the guise of ranting Northern madman William Whicker.

Waen went on to co-write and narrate award-winning animation The Wolfman (screened on C4 and subsequently transformed into a "Third Place" ad for Sony's PS2, direction often credited to David Lynch), before writing, directing and starring in his own animation Origen's Wake for Channel 4's Comedy Lab series.

Since then, Waen has concentrated on building an arsenal of comedy characters on stage, partly through his work as one half of Shepherd & Farnaby ("Brilliant" Comedy Lounge; "Pleasingly surreal, theatre of the absurd as scripted by Vic and Bob" Evening Standard) in their shows Animal Pie and Peterford Golf Club ("Waen Shepherd's Peterford Golf Club Chairman, tin-tray head-beating Stuart Ogilvie, is a comedy legend in the making" Fringe Report), and partly through his solo work on the comedy circuit, notably at clubs such as The Big Gig, Comedy at the Cochrane, Hello Wembley, The D4 Special and Ealing Live!

These days, Waen likes to dress up as a New Romantic and sing 80s-style pop songs under the name Gary Le Strange, utilising his skills as a composer ("Bombastic… difficult to ignore" Sound on Sound) to add musical weight to his forthcoming Edinburgh extravaganza, Polaroid Suitcase.

Hyperdrive - BBC2 - 2006
Gary Le Strange (BBC)
Comedy Lab: Origen's Wake (C4) Actor, writer, composer, director
PS2 "Third Place" ad Actor, writer
The Wolfman (C4) Actor, writer
Comedy Nation (BBC2) Actor, writer
The Net (BBC2)
London Shouting (BBC2)

The Incredibly Strange People Show (Powercage Films, 2001)

The Day The Music Died (BBC Radio 2)
4 At The Store (BBC Radio 4)
The Pod Christmas Special (BBC Radio 1)
Exam Slam (BBC Radio 1)
The End of the Road Show (BBC Radio 4)