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Jimmy Heeps

Jimmy Heeps started out his comedy career in 2010, setting up, and hosting his own Rock'n'Comedy nights, in West Lothian and Edinburgh. Combining stand up and music.  He also worked the social clubs in the area and attending The Stand Comedy club in Glasgow honing his unique, eccentric and slightly mad style.  He loves to interact with audiences and go completely of script, taking them into his own mad world, then plummeting straight back into reality with something surreal.   

In 2011 after a gig in Luton, he moved to Mallorca to work as an Entertainer for Thomsons and put his comedy stylings  to a wider audience.  The reception he received was outstanding, but his heart lye's in the U.K comedy scene.  

He is currently writing and gigging all over the U.K, and hosting comedy and music nights in Edinburgh and West Lothian.  He also runs his own production company for this purpose, named Joker Productions.  Helping out new comedians and bands to get gigs and get there self out there.

Things people have said:

A unique take on life, that's very funny.  A top act : Barry Reape, Head of Taxman Promotions
What a guy! I don't know where he gets the energy from: Guest from Gran Santa Ponsa apartments
Great to come on stage after.  Gets the crowd rely going : Martin Livingston, singer, song writer