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Eric Scarboro

Eric Scarboro began performing in 1982 at sporting presentations around the north east, having previously been an artist, a centre-half, a punk and a music promoter among many other things.
He began promoting comedy in 1992 and ran the first ever stand-up clubs in Sunderland, Gateshead and North Tyneside, giving first paid-gigs to young comics like Ross Noble and Gav Webster. But then again he also gave a first paid gig to Chris Telford who went on to become publicity officer for the national front. Win some lose some. His gigs always had a 'punk' edge to them as he encouraged things like  sketches, unplanned double-acts and random acts of lunacy. When a taxi-driver who had previously tried to ruin one of his gigs turned up at The Ropery, he and Dave Gorman waited till he went to the toilet and then hid his chair and any spares, forcing him to stand for the rest of the show.
He took his prop and cartoon act around the country for three years, largely managing to avoid London.

In 1997 he broke his back. He kept working as it wasn't correctly diagnosed for two years, most of which he spent in America. He was asked to leave after a misunderstanding involving an alledgedly stolen ambulance.
He toured the north east and north west and midlands again in 2000, before, like Andy Kaufman, he 'went a-wrestling'. He made the Sensational I.W.F. the most successful independent Wrestling organisation in Britain. For seven years he trained a new generation of British wrestlers, including Pac who now performs mainly in Japan, America and Mexico. A week after 9 / 11, he featured a wrestler called O B Laden fighting American Marines.
In 2007 he gave the organisation to the wrestlers after losing his temper with two troublemaking  rival promoters and throwing them downstairs. He wrote two books before settling down to watch some daytime TV. A couple of hours later he was writing material again and is now compereing his own clubs.
John Unthank here on behalf of Eric Scarboro. I've put this up for him. He doesn't go online, hates the internet and all who use it. I've told him he needs to online to promote gigs as it's the way the kids do it now, so I'll pick a good moment to tell him what I've done. If you meet him, don't mention the ambulance.