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Tanya Lee Davis

At 3-feet, 6-inches tall, Tanya lee Davis is the Ferrari of comedy - Classy, Top quality low to the ground and kind of racy.

Fresh out of LA this Lady is used to shaking things up, starting with her use of the word midget.

"Los Angeles can be very conservative, very politically correct, and some people would take offence at me calling myself a midget. They say 'Hey, come on, you shouldn't use that word. It makes them uncomfortable. I say you deal with it!!" Tanya Lee Davis puts a positive spin on the term. "Personally, I've come to terms with that word ... I took it and made it mine, now just try and take it off me."

On stage Davis tells it like it is with a lot of attitude, sharing her perception of people and how they perceive her as a launchpad for her fantastic comedic mind. She paints a vivid picture of life from the ground up and cleverly uses her comedy to create her own world so sharply that you come away feeling like you have witnessed a whirlwind. It’s fresh, frenetic, energetic comedy delivered at lightening pace.

“It leaves you feeling breathless and wanting more” Time Out.

Her bold, saucy style often surprises and delights audiences. “They expect that someone with a disability should be shy and reserved, which I'm not, “Davis said. Tanya Lee will tour clubs throughout England and Scotland in April and May.

Aptly described as “a master of physical punctuation” by The Las Vegas Sun, Davis headlines at comedy clubs throughout the United States. In April 2001, she headlined her own show at the prestigious Melbourne Comedy Festival, for which she earned rave reviews.

Her stand-up act takes the audience on a raucous romp through topics ranging from society’s insistence on being politically correct to her real-life marriage to a 6-foot-tall man. But it’s okay because he’s NUTS over her.

In 1999, she placed second in the Seattle Comedy Competition, where she was the first woman in 10 years to make it into the finals.

And last year she added to her resume winning the 4th Annual Norman G. Brooks Stand-up Comedy Competition in Hollywood. She also had a successful month-long run in August 2003 as part of The U.S. Comedy Invasion at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Her film credits include an appearance in the teaser for “Austin Powers Goldmember” and “Fo’ The Love of Money.” She’s been a guest several times on the “Maury” show and appeared on Fox’s “30 Seconds to Fame.”

All Comedians claim to be unique, but here’s one that really is.

There is no one like Tanya Lee Davis

"A Master of physical punctuation" Las Vegas Sun
Being low to the ground (only 3'6") and racy has earned this American/Canadian comedian, Tanyalee Davis the title of The Ferrari of comedy. Her perception of people and how they perceive her, exaggerates the humour of life's 'little' tasks and routines. With numerous television and film credits to he name Tanyalee has proved what she lacks in height she makes up for in the big laughs she creates. In this case less really is more!

Bash (Carson Daly) MTV
The Maury Show USA Studios
The X Files Fox
Black Sheep USA Network


Birthday of Infanto Door Knob Prod.
Lets hear it for Christmas Fantasy Theatre for Children
Alice In Wonderland Door Knob Prod.

Austin Power 3
For the Love of Money
You will never weiz in this town again
Comedy Festivals
Winner of 2003 Norman G Brooks Comedy Contest, 2003 Edinburgh Fringe, 2001 Melbourne Comedy Festival, 2001 New Orleans Comedy Festival

The Comedy Store Los Angeles
Zaines Comedy Club Chicago
Yuks Yuks Circuit Canada
The Comedy Underground Seattle
The Tropicana Las Vegas
…and not forgetting: regular performances on The Maury Show

Tanyalee is available for Comedy Venues, Corporate Work, Television, Voice Overs, Acting, Script Writing etc