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Manolis Zontanos

Manolis Zontanos lives and loves in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. For the past four years he has been totally digging the thrilling buzz of energy, from the adrenalin rush, he could only find doing stand up comedy. His new found passion started at an open mic night at Yuk Yuk's Hamilton in 2000.

Always working on new material he has now performed his act in New York City, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Kitchener, and even the high brow comedy scene in the illustrious town of Haggersville.

With his easy to relate to humour Manolis has been getting laughs and having a blast doing all the fresh week parties in all of the universities and colleges in Ontario!

Manolis now has a solid 30 minutes of kick-ass stand-up and is a regular headliner at Yuk Yuks as well as many other clubs around Canada. He has arrived in the UK for a short tour recently and will be taking in the Edinburgh Festival 2004 as part of that.