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Duncan Hart

Finalist in Mirth Control’s ‘New Act Of The Year’ (Bath Comedy Festival) & ‘You Must Be Joking' (Newbury Comedy Festival). 

Duncan has quickly established himself as a popular act and MC for some of the most respected comedy clubs and promoters in the UK and abroad. 

Energetic, confident & hugely like-able, he exploits his tragic-comic life for every last painfully funny gag.

His experiences of heart surgery, a suicidal ex-girlfriend, thwarted ambitions as a concert pianist and being held up at gunpoint, are all skillfully woven into hilarious flights of fancy. Master of the deft one-liner and with deceptively self-deprecating candour, he delivers richly textured stories steeped in black humour.

This is comedy as a coping mechanism - Very warm. Very human. Hugely entertaining.

With an imposing stage presence, a natural ability to banter, improvise and engage with an audience, he is gaining a reputation as one of the most promising MCs on the circuit. Couple this with some inspired writing and a natural flair for story telling and it’s easy to see why he has been marked out as ‘one to watch’.

Having written comedy for Radio 4 and gigged early in his career with the likes of Frank Skinner, Simon Munnery and Catherine Tate, there’s no doubt Duncan cut his comedy teeth with the best. He has since gone on to work alongside some of the top names on the UK circuit.

in 2011 Duncan was invited to tour Croatia as part of ‘London’s Calling’ and has since gone on a mini tour of Central Europe for Baby Blue Banana, which included playing to NATO personnel in Papa, Hungary.

2011 was also his first full Edinburgh, performing over 60 spots including regular 20 minutes guest spots at “Peter Buckley Hill & Some Comedians”, as well as numerous celebrated experimental spots as part of Laughing Horse “Pick Of The Fringe”. He was a regular guest compere for “Late and Free” as well as headlining a number of compilation shows including “The Kingsley & I” and “FaceTube”

Corporate work includes providing a comic perspective as part of “Sustainability on Trial” for South London Society of Architects at Southbank University and as the Invited special guest to the European Entrepreneurship Foundation at the CEU Business School Budapest.

As well as a comedian and writer, Duncan is also a producer and director, and co-runs Quince Films. Like everyone else, he has a number of projects ‘in development’. 

Clubs & promoters include:

Baby Blue Banana, Brixton Comedy Club, Chester Comedy Club - Alexanders, Comedy at The Cottage, Comedy Cafe, Comedy Cavern, Cheeky Monkey, Downstairs at The Kings Head, Fat Tuesdays, Funny Bones Comedy, Jaggers Comedy Club, Jongleurs, Laughing Horse, London Calling, Mirth Control, Sidesplitters and Soho Comedy

Festivals include:

Calstock Festival (2011)
Hardwick Beer Festival (2011)
Edinburgh Fringe (2011)


Finalist ‘New Act of The Year’ (Bath Comedy Festival)
Finalist 'You Must Be Joking' (Newbury Comedy Festival)
Semi-finalist 'So You Think You're Funny' (Edinburgh Festival) 
Semi-Finalist ‘Laughing Horse New Act Of the Year’ 
Semi-Finalist ‘New Act of The Year’ Leicester Square Theatre, 


"Brilliant material... keep going like that and you’ll go far!" 
- Mark Dolan, Channel 4

“Duncan is a fascinatingly original comic with a dark and very well-crafted set about a heart problem, a drug overdose, a mugging and much more. Not obvious comedy subjects... but he performed it flawlessly... an intelligent rising comic to watch”
- John Fleming, founder of the Malcolm Hardee Awards

"This fella has done 2 gigs for me so far and he absolutely stormed it! Very strong material... Has played 2 entirely different crowds at my Sidesplitters venues and went down well at both.” 
- Dave Cornish, Side-splitters Comedy  

"Duncan is a great MC - entertained our international audience with ease.... he'll be back soon!" 
- London Calling.

"A great connection with the audience. Without a doubt one of the rising stars on the UK comedy circuit and a great guy to work with- will book him again! " 
- Baby Blue Banana / WOW media

A fearless, hilarious act whose personal, sometimes dark, material is overflowing with gags. A consistently strong comic, equally at home bantering with the crowd as he is with material. We'd definitely book him again." 
- Jack Warner, Swedish Match Baron Comedy.

“Duncan was a real star on the night! The event was a debate about sustainability. Everybody else on the panel was an architect or worked in the construction industry... Duncan managed to be the most popular guest, giving really good and funny answers. I definitely recommend him. He is a great comedian!” 
- Debbie Flevotomou Chair, RIBA South LondonChair, RIBA South London

"Hart managed to make a near death experience funny, and it was a true story!"
- Surrey Life

"The evening started a little late, giving the audience plenty of time to imbibe more than they should have and therefore greet compere Duncan Hart with some random and unfunny heckling. Duncan dealt with it in his stride, and even gave one of the hecklers a spot of his own. Local man Daz climbed onto the stage in a blaze of gusto... There really is laughter in tragedy. Even Hamlet had a better death...”
- Redditch Advertiser

“Very Good - A lot of energy and connected well with the audience”
- Martin Mullaney, Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club.

"Very confident, great banter & material - especially skilled as a compere”
 - Geoff Whiting, Mirth Control 

“I’d never heard of him before but it was great stuff – really funny!” 
- Dan Antopolski

“Edgy - but in a good way!” 
- Ivor Dembina

“Absolutely Cracking!”
- Chris Head, Producer & Director

"We’ve all seen one of the true comedy stars in the making...  Fantastic!" 
- Nigel Taylor, Laughing Horse.

"Very funny!" 
- Julia Chamberlin, So You Think You’re Funny

 "The funniest new act I’ve seen in a long time!" 
- Chaz Collett

“It’s about time Duncan realised the world will judge him on his exams results, not his ability to make people laugh!" 
- Thomas Alleyne's, School Report