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Jon Courtenay

‘The Funniest Bald Guy With A Piano’

Jon has a unique show combining phenomenal piano skills with great songs and ridiculously funny comedy but unless you’ve seen him perform live, it’s difficult to explain what makes his show so special.
He has never performed with any well-known orchestras or in any famous stage shows. He is one of the rare performers to have no credits from Les Miserables. He has never sung with any celebrities or in front of any members of the Royal Family. There are no quotes from famous people saying how amazing his show is but his Mum thinks he’s pretty cool.
His only television experience is when he recently bought a Sony LED flat screen and mounted it on the wall himself which he is very proud of.
Despite all this, his awards cabinet at home is very impressive: Four thick oak shelves with polished glass doors.
Nowadays, Jon is in great demand on the world’s most prestigious cruise lines and on the worldwide corporate market because of his family-suitable show and appeal to all nationalities. You may not have seen or heard of him before but don’t miss your opportunity to see this incredible performer, then maybe you can add some quotes and help improve this biography.