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Stu Hughes

Stu Hughes is absurd and imaginative; he pokes holes in the human condition in a peculiar and way over the top manner. Stu's punchlines are original and you will never see them coming. He may be all over the
map but, his approach is real and the journey is the reward --- This Canadian comic knows funny. Stu's style is flippant and machine gun strafing.

Growing up all over Western Canada and Canada's North has certainly removed the layers through frost bite. Stu does it all - stand up, comedy festival producer, writer, actor, visionary, reckless driver, high-
speed-jay-walker & professional pall bearer. Stu still finds time to perform stand up comedy and he hopes to perform his unique brand of laughs for you someday.

Stu Hughes
Calgary Comedy Festival
April 28 -May 14, 2005