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Ed Caruthers

Ed Caruthers began performing in 2005 and broke on to the New Zealand professional scene that year. By 2006 he had played all major venues in New Zealand. His first show at a major comedy festival was alongside fellow gag machine Graeme Rowe in the well-received As Many Jokes As We Can Get Away With at the 2008 NZ International Comedy Festival. He fled the Antipodes in late 2008 and immediately began making an impression in the United Kingdom.

His style is distinctive and consists almost entirely a low-energy barrage of one-liners. Theatrereview has described these as “Blink-your-ears-and-you-miss-them gems”. He plays off the laughter and energy in the room but usually remains emotionless himself.

The many peculiarities Caruthers is known for include: rampant introversion; a high gags-per-minute ratio, mild Anglophobia, intense antisocialness, and an extremely concise style of delivery.