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Robert Jones

Robert Jones is self-deprecating master mainly because he has a lot to work. Taking any topic he can and making light of it showing that so long as you can have a laugh there is still hope, from mistakes from his own life or wide world issue there is nothing he won't look at and think "we will make it through this" or failing that he always has puns ready to go at a moments notice. Robert has started performing in festivals all round the country slowing gaining knowledge to improve his craft every time he hold a mic.


London comedy club (regular spot)
Up the creek
Jester Jester 
Big nose Comedy 
Comedy Virgins 
Cafe Mode   
G and B Comedy
Freedom Fringe
Funny Feckers 
Sutton Arms (Headliner)
The Alex 

Clifftown theatre (Headline act) 
Woodville Gravesend 
Miskin Theatre


Robert Jones: Just the Start 45 minutes 4 nights
Disadvantage Robert 1 hour show 

Stand up if you dare 2012 

Quotes from audience members 
"Smart, topical, self-deprecating and very very funny comedian" James Little 

"He getting better every time I see him and he wasn't half bad when he started" Inky Jones (sadly no relation) 

"You brighten up the room with his relatable and witty self put downs" Lady after show

2016 gig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osx0YqBCoCE&t=29s
2019 Gig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTtcMJEMTPg&t=142s