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Ronnie Edwards

Irrepressible English-born, Jamaican-bred Canadian jester Ronnie Edwards can make a crowd howl without opening his mouth. But when he does open his mouth, he draws his high-flying, street-wise humour from so many sources that it's impossible to pin him down. His wide-eyed, good-natured schtick is clean, cerebral and cutting-edge cool.

This "Hurricane of Comedy" recently drew 900,000 Canadian viewers on the premier primetime episode of CBC TV's "COMICS!". In fact, the episode was such a ratings smash, it helped propel the series into its current prime time slot. In fact, "the show may have been the highest-rated entertainment show ever by a black performer in Canada", according to producer Joe Bodolai.

Ronnie also recently starred in the CBC's one-hour black comedy special "Thick & Thin", the Comedy Network's "Comedy Now", and co-hosted the 1998 Gemini Awards on CBC.

Ronnie Edwards brings a message of pure fun to his stand-up comedy and acting. A former railway porter and reggae musician who sold all his musical equipment to get into comedy, he has kept audiences "feeling irie" for nearly 15 years. His stage act is a high-energy combination of physical comedy, impressions and observations from his West Indian background, and even some music. It's never hostile, aggressive, or mean-spirited. Along the way, he has opened for Anita Baker and The Wailers, acted in the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Night Heat, and headlined at the People's Comedy Festival in Toronto.

In the UK, building on his vast experience of playing most of the major venues in Canada, America and the Caribbean, Ronnie is featuring at The Comedy Store and Jongleurs and is now seeking to bring his exuberant and individual comedy to many other venues.

Ronnie's philosophy was summed up in a recent magazine article, when he said, "I love life. I love the look on people's faces when they're in that good belly laugh... When they leave the club, I want people to skip out!"

"A master of zany, rapid-fire and sophisticated physical comedy. He's generous and open with crowds, cracking them up with a vast arsenal of wordplay, sight gags and impressions designed to elevate the human spirit." - Now Magazine