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The Unbroadcastable Radio Show

The Unbroadcastable Radio Show has become something of a cult hit at Manchester's Comedy Store since the show premiered there at the 2003 Manchester Comedy Festival. A satirical, topical sketch show which
purports to be a live radio broadcast, featuring a strong team of character comedy performers and writers. The show has been nominated for Best Writing and Best Touring Show at the North West Comedy Awards,
and has featured in the Liverpool and Ludlow Comedy Festivals. The Team consists of actress Helen Copley, award winning comedian and actor Toby Hadoke, comedian and impressionist Alfie Joey, writer Tony Kinsella, character comic Peter Slater and former City life Comedian Of the Year John warburton. The show is currently in development with the BBC comedy unit, and is a regular, monthly feature of Manchester's Comedy Store line-up.

"Good news, sketch comedy is alive and well and living in Manchester. Funny, well informed and well intentioned. This talented ensemble should be on radio 4 soon if the BBC have any sense.PICK OF THE WEEK" -
William Cook, The Guardian

"This show is a corker - more laughs per minute than your average sketch show" - Mike Barnett, Manchester Evening News

"Featuring some of the circuit's most creative comic minds. Judging by the talent involved, this won't be off the air for long." - Ben Carlish, The Metro