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Earl Okin (Musical Genius & Sex Symbol)


Earl Okin is one of those truly unique performers that one comes across very rarely but,  for that very reason, he is almost impossible to describe. (See below for a variety of crits.)

He is primarily a world-class Jazz and Bossa Nova singer and songwriter who accompanies himself on piano or guitar but, due to a second career in the world of comedy, has developed legendary audience skills.
However, he's also been a headline comedy act on the London circuit since 1982.
The ability to charm audiences of any age, race or nationality is very much part of what he brings to his shows, alongside the legendary 'vocal trumpet' solos, witty lyrics and between-song banter.
He has performed at all the major theatres in his home town, London - from the Royal Albert Hall to the London Palladium etc., he is the most performed artist ever at the Edinburgh International Festival and has toured his one-man show literally around the world. He has guested on top TV shows all over Europe and Australia.
He is as comfortable on stage at Festivals in front of 65,000 people as he is in intimate clubs. He has entertained at private parties for all sorts of celebrities, including Queen Elizabeth II. Bizarrely, he is also a favourite of the King and Queen of Sweden.
He has performed alongside such Jazz legends as Benny Carter, Milt Hinton, Adelaide Hall, Barney Kessel, Cleo Laine and Stephane Grappelly.
His set at the Montreal Comedy Festival proved to be the most popular of the year and Earl found himself the recipient of business cards from just about all the TV and film companies from LA.
He has even opened on tour for major Rock stars such as Van Morrison and Paul McCartney.
He performs Bossa Nova in Brasil, where he has sung alongside such Brazilian legends at Elis Regina and Paulo Moura. He is a regular guest on 'A Programa Do Jo', the very top Brazilian talk-show.
His past CDs are available on the SONY and BMG labels.
The CD accompanying this note features Earl in studio recordings of Jazz and Bossa Nova alongside other musicians.
Now, having been granted a top of the range 'O1' US work permit, he is available in the USA for Jazz and Cabaret clubs, festivals and theatres...




"You are quite a genius you are - you have managed to find a niche in Cabaret I have never seen nor heard before - you are simply brilliant. Hard to categorize - musician/comedian or what - I guess you are anything the audience wants to categorize you as long as they book you.

One must see you in person to "get you" - even though your musicianship is fantastic!!! Your guitar and especially piano playing is thrilling in all the genres!
One thing I gleaned from your performance is that one must "experience you" - live - "where you live - you need an audience! Those little nuances you have in your "kit" needs people to experience them.."
(Legendary producer/arranger of the Ella Fitzgerald 'Songbook' series, who has worked with just about everybody..from Sammy Davis Jr. to Bing Crosby, etc...)
"Can one be wickedly droll, swing like mad and touch your sultry heart?
Yes one can...and that one is Earl Okin."
STEVE ROSS. Doyen of New York Cabaret performers.
"Age does not matter for he appeals to all from 17 to senility... master of the art of cabaret."
RUSSELL HUNTER. 'The Scotsman' review at The Edinburgh Festival.
"Earl's ability to change the mood without losing the thread of the performance was brilliant. Because they have so many good 'home-made' artistes, if you don't measure up, a Belfast audience will talk right through your set. While Earl was on, you couldn't hear a sound from the crowd and it was no real surprise when one encore wasn't going to be enough.
"Multi-talented musical supremo' - TIME OUT.