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Ian Harris

• # 25 on Entertainment Business Journal’s Top 100 Comedians List
• One of the top voice over artists in Los Angeles
• Award winning writer and director of features, commercials and music videos
• Headliner of The Evolution of Comedy Tour
• Taping his first 1 hour comedy special in December
• Seen & heard on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Playboy Radio, Comedy Time
• Creator and star of hit web series Kenny’s Show (movie due out in 2013)
• Finalist San Francisco Comedy Competition
• Semi-Finalist Comedy Central Laugh Riots Competition

Ian Harris is a comedian, writer and producer. His perception is sharp, his insight is undeniable and the combination is pure comedy. A top headliner who has performed around the world, he’s has been named on Entertainment Journal's Top 100 Comedians list, was a semi-finalist in Comedy Central's “Laugh Riots Competition” and dubbed “Best Character Comedian in Town” by Backstage West. Ian’s comedy is cutting edge, thought provoking and cleverly crafted, often eliciting comparisons to greats like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin. With a unique point of view, Ian delivers a style of stand-up all his own.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Ian’s comedy career began at age 5, when he would wake-up his parents on the weekends to give boxing and football play-by-plays as Howard Cosell. Throughout his childhood, his talent for finding the humor in life was apparent. His love for comedy and writing lead him to a career in entertainment, when at the age of nineteen he wrote two feature length comedy spoofs.

Two years later, Ian moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a comedian and writer. Immediately, he enjoyed much success as a stand-up comedian and within 3 years he was touring nationally. He became one of the most sought after headlining comedians on the circuit, known primarily for his cutting wit and his incredible closing bits that featured up to 50 impressions. His remarkable talent has resulted in Ian being one of the top Voice Over artists in Hollywood. He has provided the voice to clients such as DirecTV, Bravo, Fuel, Lays and Full Tilt Poker. Ian also narrated the music driven show “Mad Genius” on Fuse TV and can often be seen and heard in sketches on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Ian is also a regular contributing writer for US Weekly and HaHaJK.com

In 2000, as his material expanded and evolved, he began getting lots of attention for his anti-establishment comedy. Although his career was in high swing, Ian began working on writing and film. Soon, he made his move into writing and directing full-time. Ian’s films have received numerous awards and accolades including; Best Feature Film at the Seattle Underground Film Festival, Best Director award at the 48 Hour Film Project, finalist in the Fade-In Awards, 4 star reviews from “Film Threat,” and have played in theaters and at festivals  worldwide.

A lifelong skeptic and atheist, Ian returned to the stage in 2011 with a fresh new take on comedy and a goal to deliver a well crafted, passion filled, 'rationalism' based hour long show, designed to skewer modern society's commonly held belief systems. “Ian Harris: Live from the Apocalypse,” will air live on December 21, 2012 at Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood, California.

Ian resides in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. He splits his time between comedy, writing and producing. Ian is currently headlining nationally with The Evolution of Comedy Tour. His is latest feature film Kenny’s Karate Komedy...The Movie goes intro production early 2013.

Link to his Special Teaser video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tjOGFMPdVk