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Jon Matthews

"Punchlines you can feel smart for getting." - Steve Bennett, Chortle

About Jon:
Jon Matthews is an insightful stand-up comedian whose work has been described as a 'a hilarious post-modern commentary on politics and popular culture'. Full of irony, surrealism, self-deprecation and political comment with a dry crowd-pleasing delivery, his performances have created much mirth wherever he has travelled.

An experienced MC, opener and middle and can comfortably close a small or alternative room.

"Punchlines you can feel smart for getting." - Steve Bennet, Chortle

"Even the depressed middle-aged men in polo shirts were amused." - China Business News

"A top compere, so good he don't need the 'h'." - Simon Munnery

"Extravagantly bearded, nicely silly." - Bath Echo

"Jon’s hilarious blend of irony, surrealism, self-deprecation and political commentary always make him a real crowd pleaser." - Chapter 12 Comedy Club

"A very funny man!" - Joe Wong (Ellen, Letterman)