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80's Luke

80's Luke is a human gag machine (lol…not in that way), whose will corrupt your childhood memories of 80's kids classic programmes. Quite energetic for an anorexic whale, his mix of a friendly demeanour, with a mentalist edge, he takes you to places yet to be discovered.

Luke started stand up in 2000, where he performed 5 gigs, which included, winning 'Red Hot Raw' @ the 'Frog & Bucket', his 2nd gig he performed @ The Lowry theatre in front of 300 people, in 'The Best in Stand Up' with Peter Kay as compere & he was profiled on 'Channel M's Interference Show.' A twist of fate (well an evil ex girlfriend) put a hold to his stand up career, only to return in September of 2005 & bring an 80's influence to the comedy circuit.
80's Luke is also a promoter, radio dj, writer, actor, comedy & most of all a stand up comic.

"King Gong Winner - May 06"
"Beat The Frog Winner - 06"
"Red Hot Raw - 2000"
"Regeneration award for SLFM - 2003"
"Sliming Magazine - Slimmer of the Year Finalist - 99"

TV/Film & Radio
'Actors' - Short film
'Shameless' 'Channel 4' - Radio Presenter
'Interference' - 'Channel M'
All FM - Presenter/ Producer
SCR FM - Presenter/ Producer
SLFM - Presenter/ Producer/ Manager
WSFM - Presenter/ Producer
OCW FM - Presenter/ Producer

Clubs Played
Frog & Bucket, Comedy Store, XS Malarkey, Mirth on Monday, Beyond a Joke, 3MW, Brick Wall, Comedy Balloon, Giggle 'N' Funk, The Caper Club, Ha Ha Riverside, Colliers Arms, Funny Magnet, Stoke Lunacy,

Gigs Promoted
A Laughing Stock-port Road, Budweiser's Legends of Laughter, The Comedy Caboodle.

"Starts off camp, then Les Dawsoneqsue, then totally mentalist." - Roger Monkhouse

"A fledgling Manchester comic" - Chris Brooker

"All the ladies love 80's Luke. Oh yes!" - Lee Martin (Beat the Frog website)

"A quick, gag filled set & a manic performance from start to finish, it's a pleasure to see his act" - Derek O'Brien

"One is arriving, loved that bit" - Leigh Jones