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Martha McBrier

Martha McBrier is...... a qualified Hypnotherapist, has been a counsellor for several years, has worked in anger management...and a very funny lady. 

She has 40 hours of flying time in light aircraft. She has also done a parachute jump, but landed 30 miles away from the landing area in the grounds of Strathallen Castle.

Martha has made 9 short films, 2 of which have won awards. 

Following the success of her debut Edinburgh show "Mary Jane", in 2006 Martha wrote and performed in "Sex Kitten/Corpse", a show about the ageing process, which was "A hoot from beginning to end. *****" (Scotsgay Magazine). 

The infamous Kate Copstick from The Scotsman also gave the show a ***** review and returned on the last night to watch the show as an audience member rather than as a critic. 

Martha showed her unique ability to banter and improvise with the audience, sometimes for the entire hour and no two shows were the same.

The following year Martha performed at the Underbelly in Edinburgh and again received glowing reviews for her show "So you Think You're a Good Heckler" in which audiences were invited to contribute their ideas and opinions. 
With just 6 jokes, she improvised the rest of the hour.

Although she is now based in London, she won the first "So You Think You're Funny" competition at the May Fest in Glasgow after performing at only 4 gigs. 

This then led to television appearances on "Stand Up" (Granada) and "First Exposure" (LWT), as well as work as a support act for Eddie Izzard, Jerry Sadowitz and Mark Lamarr. 

After a break from performing Martha eventually returned to the Edinburgh Festival a where she performed her children's shows "The Very Scarisome Lollipop Lady" and "The Very Scarisome Tooth Fairy". 

Then in 2015, through the help and the encouragement of her partner, (Matt Price, Comedian and Storyteller) - and her discovering the art of "storytelling", Martha brought her adult true story show "Pigeon Puncher" to the Edinburgh Festival. She again earned wonderful 4 and 5 star reviews and also an appearance on the Kay Adams' show on BBC Radio Scotland alongside Al Murray and Chris Ramsay. 
BBC Radio Scotland then asked her to perform the "Reply From The Lassies" on their live Burns Night show in 2016.

To keep herself even busier - she is also writing a comedy sit-com script based on her work and life experiences called "Learning Curve"

"McBrier's comedy is not so much a talent as a true gift." (Kate Copstick, The Scotsman)

"This woman knows how to charm an audience..." (Three Weeks Magazine)

"Kittenish coquetry and bare knuckled coarseness, batting her eyelashes as she sticks in the stilletto." (Scotland on Sunday)

"When it comes to working a room, McBrier is one of the best in the business. I can't envisage any crowd she'd have any trouble with, from a rowdy comedy club to a bored TV studio audience. Whatever's thrown at her, she rolls with the punches and incorporates it in her effortless banter." (Steve Bennett, Chortle)

"Some comics learn a craft; others are exploiting a gift...McBrier is a formidable stand-up worthy of attention." (Mickey Noonan, Metro)