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Jack Samuel Warner

Jack Samuel Warner has been performing stand up comedy for four years, but has been making people laugh since birth, due to his face. He has performed stand up in New York, Edinburgh and (almost) everywhere in between. He enjoys saying foolish things in a serious way, combining flights of fancy with precise one-liners.

Jack has firmly established himself as an up-and-coming act, performing more than 600 gigs across the UK in the process. He is now performing opening and middle 20s at professional gigs, as well as closing lovely, cosy gigs such as Comedy Canoe in Brighton, and the Big Green Bookshop and Pear Shaped in Fitzrovia, in London.

Jack is also an accomplished MC, having compered extensively for numerous promoters. He is a regular MC for the Chortle Factory, Creative Cows Comedy Club and Mirth Control. He is also the resident compere at The Cavendish Arms, in Stockwell.

Nice Things People Have Said About Jack Samuel Warner…
...As an Act.

“[I] booked Jack at relatively short notice, and he did a storming 20+ set that had the audience going the entire time. He’s scarily at ease on the mic.” – Chris Brosnahan, Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green.

“I was really impressed by him. He had a strong 10 minutes of excellent one liners” – Martin Mullaney, Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club, Birmingham.

“I like Jack’s take on things; he is clever and different, and reaches parts of the audience that other comics don’t reach.” – Sal Monello, Bristol.

“We’ve seen a lot of different acts since we’ve been doing comedy here at the pub, but Jack had a brilliant presence and a great rapport with the crowd, and definitely rates up there with some of the best we’ve seen here.” – Amy, Barrel of Laughs Comedy Club, Wincanton.

…As a Compere/MC.

“Immediately engaging and irresistibly mischievous, Jack Samuel Warner had the crowd laughing from his opening line to his last. Confident, versatile, unpredictable and immensely likable, we can’t recommend this act highly enough.” – Claire, Chortle Factory, Bury St Edmunds.

“VERY professional, engaging, unfazable and takes everything in his stride. Genuine warmth, excellent rapport with audience. A pleasure to work with; would have him back any time – in fact we LOVE him.” – Vanessa & Keyna, Creative Cows Comedy Club, Gloucestershire.

“[Jack] put everyone at ease with a cool measured delivery and occasional voice not unreminiscent of our hero Tony Law. Some groan-worthy puns went down well, and all in all he was an excellent MC. He was a thoughtful chap who we would gladly see again.” –David, Plymouth Ho Ho Ho Comedy Blog.

Videos of Jack performing can be viewed on his website here, or a wider selection can be found by searching ‘Jack Samuel Warner’ on YouTube.