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Darrell Skipper

finalist - Comedy Virgins Max Turner Prize 2015

finalist - Colchester New Comedian of the Year 2014

A graduate from the Amused Moose comedy course and tutored by Logan Murray. Has been gigging since March 2015 and has over 100 gigs under his belt.

His honest, warm and heartfelt delivery style blurs the line between reality and stage. He opens up to the audience and gains their trust, allowing him to occasionally pull the rug from under them with a silly or surreal punchline.

He used to be fatter. He used to be funnier.

He loves cats and carpet shops though not necessarily in that order but, actually, thinking about it, yes, in that order...

He used to work as a runner/tea-boy for a post-production company in the television industry before he said "eff this s**t" and quit.

He's currently working on a machine that directly converts laughter into compost, which then is sold at (admittedly) too low of a price to actually make any profit whatsoever.

Some quotes about him:

"Can I get a coke zero please?" - James Cracknell, celebrity adventurer.

"Too good looking to be a real comedian." - Mum, Mother.

"Yeah, I've gigged with him." - Eshaan Akbar, Comedian.

"Sir! Get out from behind there." - Davran, Carpet Shop owner.