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Channel 53

On Channel 53, open access cable TV live from Pickatawick, New Jersey, anyone can be a star! Regulars include Delia Darling, romantic novelist, Barbara Caccuciolo, mafiosa life coach and Chrissie McGee, gun-toting housewife, as well as Tabby and Tracey, cheerleaders for freedom. Channel 53 is unafraid to take on the hot topics of today including terrorism, teen pregnancy and religious extremism. Or is that one topic? Featured sketches have included The Spa at Guantanamo Bay, Virtual Vacations, and the Mormon Sitcom. Fun game shows abound, such as Virgin Bride, Catch a Terrorist and Who Wants to be a Citizen? Songs, dances, what more can you ask for? And could the American Embassy please take us off their blacklist? We're not that bad, really.

Channel 53 is performed and written by Lydia Parker, Maureen Oakeley, Christopher Klein, Nancy Baldwin, Hilary Lester, Mark Holloway and Laurence Bouvard. All are members of Over Here, the UK's only American theatre company.

Channel 53 has performed at comedy clubs around London including the Bedford, the Canal Café and the Space and was in Edinburgh in August at the Smirnoff Underbelly as part of the Funnywomen line-up. Channel 53 can be seen regularly at the Hard Rock Café in Mayfair the last Wednesday of every month.