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Mina Znaidi

Who am I? A North African woman who has been laughing at herself, at fellow humans and at the whole world since a young age, and who has now decided to share the laughs with others. A teacher by training, who has been terrified of the teenagers she has taught, and who have been an inspiration to her.

Stand-up history: Completed a course with Chris Head in 2010, and Geoff Whiting of Mirth Control in 2011 have been gigging since both in paid gigs, open spots and open mics as well as compering.

At the end of a gig, an investment banker came to me and said ‘you were in the upper quartile of best acts.’ I have now decided to do a course in Maths to work out this comment!

Other comments included "this is the best joke I have heard so far during this competition."  David Hardcastle, during Leicester Square Theatre comedy competition, November 2011

What is my style: I tell stories rather than jokes, stories based on my experience as an alien in this country and compare my home culture to this one.