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Pete Firman

“A gob-smackingly talented magician…equally good at stand-up and boasts immaculate timing” Mickey Noonan, Metro

“Firman is a delight” The Independent

"If you are partial to a bit of magic with your comedy, Firman is the best of the bunch." Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

“The audience is caught between guffawing laughter and amazed gasps” The Guardian

“Pete Firman is putting the pimp back in magic… leave your scepticism at the door and see it to believe it.” The List

“A rollicking hour without a dull moment” Chortle

**** Metro
**** The Independent
**** The Herald
**** Fest
**** Three Weeks
**** Chortle

Pete Firman is regarded as a uniquely gifted magic entertainer, gleefully injecting the genre with his anarchic, off-beat humour and dazzling array of skills. He starred as cheeky northerner 'Tufty' in Five's anarchic, hip magic show Monkey Magic, and is re-defining the rules of magic entertainment. Since then he has made numerous series for British television, most recently Secret World of Magic for Sky One.

Pete grew up in Middlesbrough where his parents and sister provided a normal loving family environment. He studied for an acting degree and was looking forward to joining the family business selling second hand cars. But somewhere along the line something went wrong. Pete spent his teenage years locked away in his bedroom practicing magic furiously with just a poster of Pamela Anderson for company. Seeing an advert for new magicians to present a TV show Pete stripped to his underpants in a snowy back garden and filmed himself performing tricks. The show was FIVE’s Monkey Magic and Pete's career as a TV magician started. Since Monkey Magic he has traveled the world meeting his magic heroes and performing his own brand of anarchic magic in Sky One's The Secret World of Magic, and amazed viewers with his ability to perform disgusting tricks with animals, cigarettes and big spikey things in Channel 4's Dirty Tricks.

2006 saw the release of Pete’s first book for the public, ‘Tricks To Freak Out Your Friends’. So successful was it in the UK, it was also released in the USA and is about to go into its second print run.

TV and Radio
2007     The Convention Crasher                                                  Channel 4
2007     Saturday Live Again!                                                       ITV 1
2003     Monkey Magic (series 1)                                                FIVE
2004     Monkey Magic (series 2)                                                FIVE
2003     The Greatest Magic Tricks in the Universe… Ever             FIVE
2005     The Secret World of Magic                                              Sky One
2006     Dirty Tricks                                                                    Channel 4

“You’d have to be clinically braindead not to impressed… the MySpace generation’s Tommy Cooper”
- The Scotsman

 “Firman is a delight…all cleverly misfiring tricks and hapless charm” - The Independent

  “Pete Firman is putting the pimp back into magic… leave your skepticism at the door and see it to believe it” - The List

“A gob-smackingly talented magician….equally good at stand-up and boasts immaculate timing” -  Metro

 “The audience is caught between guffawing laughter and amazed gasps” - The Guardian

 “For magic with your comedy, Firman is best of the bunch” - Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard