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David Mulholland

New Orleans-born comedian David Mulholland started out writing gags for other people until someone said, "Why don't you try getting on stage?" So he did. He found it so much fun being able to say all the things he was never allowed to say as a journalist that he decided to pursue comedy full-time in 2006. Since then he has been gigging six to seven nights a week across the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, the US and France. When not gigging for other people, he is performing at his own club, The Soho Comedy Club, near Leicester Square in London that runs four nights a week.

David has performed alongside comedians such as Rhod Gilbert, Scott Capurro, Rich Hall, Reginald D Hunter, Russell Kane, John Gordillo, Rick Shapiro, Nick Revell, Trevor Lock and Andrew O'Neill.

He has also thrown himself into every Edinburgh Fringe festival since 2006.

At both the 2010 and 2009 Edinburgh fringe festivals David performed three shows, the Comedy Manifesto, You Are Being Lied To and The Midnight Hour. All three played daily to capacity audiences.

You're Being Lied To
You're Being Lied To is David's solo show that is updated yearly that focuses on widely believed falsehoods that originated in the tabloid press.

The critics said:

“If your sociology teacher had possessed a sense of humour, an American accent and a gravitation towards bad language, school lessons would have been more exciting and they might have looked a little like this. A former journalist, David Mulholland now wants to wants to educate the masses about the falsehoods emanating from all angles of the media. With flip chart and lecture notes accompanying biting punch-lines and irreverent humour, the result is a mixture between comedy and a seminar. Mulholland instilled in us a sense that his comedy cause is indeed worth pursuing.”★★★★Three Weeks

Very informative and funny” Freedom Comes

This is definitely a show that should not be missed” Calcutta Gutta

The Comedy Manifesto
The Comedy Manifesto is a topical news panel show that David founded in 2007 with veteran comic, Kate Smurthwaite. It has run weekly in London since it began and has played to capacity audiences in Edinburgh every year starting in 2008. David is a team captain and co-writer of the show both in London and in Edinburgh.

Critics said:
“There is very little for me to write here. Honestly. Nothing at all. It really was that good.”★★★★★Broadway Baby

“This really is a superb show”★★★★★Scotsgay Magazine
“It is very well executed. The comedians admirably demonstrate their improv skills. The laughter continues throughout the show.”Fringe Report (Critic's Choice Award)

At 2008 Edinburgh Festivals Fringe, David performed daily in The Mulholland Constant, The Comedy Manifesto, and Sing-Along-A They Joy of Sex, the last of which was also performed at the Glasgow and Brighton festivals and at the 2007 Edinburgh Festivals. The critics said:


Sex, sex, sex. It's all comedians think about, talk about and now they're singing about it and getting the audience to join in too. As someone who's entirely un-fazed by sexual intercourse, I was surprisingly taken by the pair's raunchy routine. Kate Smurthwaite, with her sharp stand-up skills, does most of the talking, explaining that two people are better able to fulfill audience desires for sexual comedy. David Mulholland meanwhile adds his soulful tones to the partnership, creating strong comedic chemistry and giving birth to some wicked numbers. Virtually viagra, this double-act will have your comic juices flowing; it certainly inspired a long sweaty night for this reviewer. ★★★★ Three Weeks

"It's a great hour to pass the time with, if you know what I mean - wink wink." ★★★★ ThreeWeeks.

"Comedians Kate Smurthwaite and David Mulholland … tell their tales and sing songs about cheesy chat up lines, things learned about sex after you leave school, threesomes and other such practices in a way that leaves you wanting more. The songs are actually funny and truthful. … Wonderful laugh out loud and sing-along fun. ★★★★" Fresh Air FM (The festival radio station):"

David also co-wrote and performed in Comedy Cocktail, which ran every day of the 2007 festival, as well as appearing nightly in The F Show and gigging at many other shows, such as being invited to perform at the Comedy Tent on Fringe Sunday.

David was also a writer and performer in the 2007 Comedy Factory show and the weekly topical panel show This Week on Earth. He also co-wrote the 2006 show Adrenaline performed by Kate Smurthwaite.

The critics said:
"There is a lots of very funny moments is this rambling tale of a woman looking for the edge. … The show as an entirety is well written [and] well rehearsed." The Groggy Squirrel.