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Nick Stanley, Urban Slut

I've been an actor for quite a few years and seeing the humour in being touched by the wings of something dark has played a large part in my survival. I've never really been interested in such things as rainbows, unless they are monochrome, or the difference between cats and dogs – I am the owner of both, but only one did I make into a hat. Shrouded in inexorable darkness I started to catalogue those defining moments of defective behaviour and experience that shape who we are. In December 2007 I hit the road and people laughed and others recoiled in horror...I'm happy with that. - The Urban Slut

Nick has travelled across the country doing gigs for Mirth Control and played a variety of gigs in London including Laughing Horse. Here are a few things people have been foolish enough to say.

“The subjects that most folks would rather bury or ignore he chooses to revel in. This is not a character act it's a facet of his personality that will have you wondering what is fact or fiction to unnerving effect. The Urban Slut is innocently disturbing, dysfunctional and very funny. To some, psychopathology is a study of terror, to Nick Stanley it's a way to unwind.'
 - (Michael Stewart, Artistic Director – Dark and Dirty Theatre)

“Clear, confident, hilarious and alarmingly unembarrassed about his subject matter.” - Telegraph & Argus, Bradford

“Nick's set was great, the audience didn't know if they should laugh or be sick. Luckily, for the cleaners, they laughed.” - Ian, Columbus Comedy Cave

“A courageous set, delivered well. I think you have more in common with Ed Gein than Ed Byrne but it tickled me...I'm sure that's wrong.” - Anonymous Promoter

Other Bits

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