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Michael Smiley 

Formally a House Music DJ, Smiley's humour is derived from Club Culture which he observes, dissects and belittles. His Belfast upbringing plays a strong part in his routine, ranging from family foibles all the way to religious bigotry. He's not so much the boy-next-door, as the squatter downstairs.

As a stand up comedian, Smiley's talents are now well established both in the UK and abroad. No stranger to the Edinburgh Festival, Smiley mastered his craft performing hugely popular solo shows and compering the Gilded Balloon's notorious Late 'n' Live.  As a host and compere he has worked with the likes of the BBC Comedy Awards, HOT, an MTV presentation of stand up, UK Art Fusion Tour and  Defining A Nation, which combined new profiled UK writers with mixer DJs.
Smiley's direct style coupled with his streetwise yet personable manner have made him a popular choice as TV presenter. Naked City, Butt Naked and Late License for Channel 4 and BBC2's award winning comedy show, The Empire Strikes Back make up some of his TV presenting work. His unique style of presenting has also been extensively utilised on Radio by stations ranging from Kiss 100 to BBC Radio 4.

Overseas work includes solo shows at the Dublin Fringe, the Adelaide, Melbourne, New Zealand and Cape Town Comedy Festivals, whilst he has also performed short runs in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Stand up TV work includes The Comedy Store for Channel 5 and Live at Jongleurs for ITV / UK Gold.

Smiley is also an established film and television actor, probably most well known for his role as Tyres, a techno cycle courier in the CH4 sitcom Spaced.

Holby Blue                                Brendan Duffy                BBC Television
The Wrong Door,                      Train Pirate                    BBC Television, Ben Wheatley
Wire In The Blood                   Dr Liam Kerwin                   Coastal
Nearly Famous                                  Danny                           Kudos,
Y Pris                                       Captain                         Fiction Factory
Life in the Underpass,             Patrick                           BBC Television
Bleak House                                       Phil Squod                      BBC Television
Hustle                                                   Max                              Kudos,
Much Ado About Nothing           Peter                             BBC Television  
Rose & Maloney                                DS Mallam                     Windmill TV Productions
Murder Prevention                    DS Maurice Gibney          World Productions
15 Storeys High                               Man In Flat                    BBC Television
Time Gentlemen Please             Martin The Painter           Avalon Television
Spaced,                                    O'Flaherty,                     Big Talk  
Burnside                                              Matthew Hutchins           Thames Television  

Burke and Hare                         Patterson                     Ealing Films
Down Terrace                           Pringle                         Mondo Macabro
Believe                                       Lead                            Young Films
Outpost                                    McKay,                                  Black Camel Productions
The Other Boleyn Girl                   King's Physician BBC Films
Terra Firma                                       Quentin                         Sigma Films
Don't!                                       Cannibal Janitor Big Talk
(Spoof Tarantino trailer on Grindhouse)

In The Spiders Web                       Phil                              RHI Ent
Breaking and Entering,             Thaddeus (uncredited)  Mirmax
Land of the Blind                            Thorne's Lieutenant      vnet/Kerner Productions
Perfume                                    Porter                Constantine Films
Shaun of the  Dead                        Zombie                          Big Talk
The Wayfarer                                  Dessie                             Lawrence Jackson

Death of a Pirate                            Finn                              John Hardwick
Eye                                           Eye Witness,                BBC Radio
The Maltby Collection                                  Des Wainwright   BBC Radio