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Ruth E Cockburn

Ruth has been writing comedy sketches and plays since she graduated in 2005 from Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre, where she studied acting.
Her comedy plays have been performed in numerous festivals including Sydney's 'Short & Sweet' Festival, Lost Theatre companies One Act Festival, Buxton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe.
Her play 'Saturday Boy' was also nominated for Best new writing in Buxtons' Fringe 2008.
She began performing Stand up comedy in May 2008. In her first year she was a 'Funny Women' Semi Finalist, 'So you think you're funny' Semi Finalist, and came third in Mirth on Monday's new act Competition.
She has also proved her worth at music festivals, having performed at Kendal Calling, Y-Not and The Green Man festival.
Ruth is primarily a musical act, with well timed audience interaction and serial stories that take the audience on a nice little journey.
Manchester Radio online
BBC Radio Manchester
Key 103 & Galaxy (Hywel & Jamie)
"Both clever & hilarious in style" Edfringe review
"Ruth Cockburn, the second act, was in my opinion the best of the night,... She does something the best comedians do; finds material that the audience recognises from their own lives, and simultaneously makes them realise how foolish they are whilst being comforted that they aren't the only ones who do it. In addition to telling jokes, she splits up her act with songs which, besides being as hilarious as the rest of the routine, were also both catchy and well played/sung. I could have happily carried on watching this watchable performer" Andy Howell, Barrel of laughs Buxton
"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" Stoon Buxton Fringe
"Ruth's comedy is a particularly potent mix of spot-on, slightly surreal social commentary and brilliantly inventive, hummable and instantly hilarious songs." Spotlight Comedy