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Lord Carrett ("cah-RHET" sounds like "cassette")

American comedian Lord Carrett's managed the rare feat of working his way up to playing theaters without major television exposure. While the vetrean comic has been on television, he's made his name primarily on RADIO. He had his own Comedy Special on America's XM SATELLITE RADIO, and was recently quoted in, of all places, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

He's been on the best nationally syndicated programs, and his internationally distributed comedy CD "UNSWEETENED" has led him to The Netherlands and The UK. He combines a rockabilly sensibility and a
slick, polished, rapid-fire delivery with "rock star swagger" which led the The Baltimore Sun to describe him as "A cross between Sid Caesar and Sid Vicious."

The idea behind "UNSWEETENED" is as unique as Lord himself. It was recorded in one show, one take, with no editing or laugh track added. It's the only comedy CD with "the heckling left in and a woman thrown out!"

Lord explains the concept (from the liner notes:) "Why UNSWEETENED? I figure any idiot can record a couple of week's worth of shows and edit them into a killer comedy CD, but it takes a special kind of idiot to
record and release a single show intact."